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Planet Naturopath

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

About Us

I am a naturopath who works with clients around the world with virtual consultations. The big difference with my business that allows me to work virtually and not see physical clients is that I do very detailed functional medicine testing to understand the underlying cause of a client’s health issues and not just treat the presenting symptoms.

Some types of tests I offer are detailed pathology testing, advanced stool testing to assess the microbiome and gut health, and detailed hormone testing. Most of these tests can be done anywhere in the world, and with the exception of the pathology, testing can be done in the comfort of your home, so you don’t have to visit your doctor or a clinic.

Services Offered

Irritable Bowel Syndrome TestingFatigueDepression and AnxietyCardiovascular Disease & HealthDUTCH TestPathology testing

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