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Odoo combines sales, marketing, eCommerce, CRM, supply chain, inventory management, finance, HR and more, providing a comprehensive solution that integrates all your business processes effortlessly.

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Website & eCommerce

Odoo’s Website & eCommerce module provides a comprehensive platform to build and manage your online presence. With the Website Builder, you can easily create and customize your website, while the eCommerce functionality enables you to set up and run your online store. Additionally, you can engage with your audience through blogs, forums, and eLearning platforms, and provide real-time support with the Live Chat feature.

Sales & CRM

The Sales module empowers your sales team with tools to manage the entire sales process, from generating leads to closing deals. With CRM (Customer Relationship Management), you can effectively track and nurture customer relationships, manage customer interactions, and analyze sales performance. Features like quotations, point of sale, subscriptions, and rental management enhance your sales capabilities and improve customer satisfaction.

Finance & Accounting

Odoo’s Finance module simplifies financial management by offering comprehensive accounting functionalities. It allows you to manage your company’s financial records, track invoices, handle expenses, and generate financial reports. Additionally, the Documents feature enables easy document management, while the Sign functionality allows for secure electronic document signing.

Inventory & Manufacturing

The Inventory module provides efficient inventory management, allowing you to track stock levels, manage warehouses, and optimize inventory operations. With the Manufacturing (MRP) feature, you can plan and control your manufacturing processes, manage bills of materials, and track work orders. Other functionalities such as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), purchase management, maintenance, and quality control ensure streamlined operations and product excellence.

Human Resources

Odoo’s Human Resources module offers a range of tools to effectively manage your workforce. You can efficiently handle employee information, manage recruitment processes, track time off and leaves, conduct performance appraisals, and implement employee referral programs. The Fleet management functionality allows for efficient management of company vehicles.


The Marketing module enables you to automate marketing processes, execute email and SMS marketing campaigns, leverage social media platforms for marketing purposes, organize events, conduct surveys, and gather customer feedback. These features help you effectively reach and engage with your target audience and drive marketing success.

Services & Project Management

With Odoo’s Services module, you can efficiently manage service-based businesses by tracking projects, timesheets, and field services. The Helpdesk feature streamlines customer support and issue resolution, while the Planning and Appointments functionalities enable effective scheduling and resource allocation. Discussions and approvals enhance collaboration and productivity, and the VoIP Integration feature facilitates seamless communication within the system.

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