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On-Demand Managed Team

Hire fully managed pre-vetted professionals on a monthly pay-as-go basis.

Unique Approach to Empower SMEs & Startups

Managed team allows you to leverage fully managed professionals to lead your operations or augment your current resources. Employers can select multiple domain experts and assign a certain quantity of hours per month, led by the Jivaso team manager, and operate no differently than your in-house team.  

Managed team allows employers to attribute consolidated effort driving accountability and alignment with your evolving business priorities. Leverage our transparent methodology with automated timesheets, productivity tracking and professional project management methodology. 

Save Upto 75% on Employee Life Cycle Costs

Achieve employee cost savings by subscribing to a managed team plan based on a shared utilization and productivity management framework.
Your Requirements Est. Annual Salary Managed Team Solution
Marketing Manager$70,000Included
UI/UX Designer$70,000Included
Website/Software Developer$80,000Included
Content & Social Media $60,000Included
Paid Ads Specialist$60,000Included
SEO Specialist$60,000Included
Training, Benefits & Retention$10,000$0
Infrastructure Cost & Subscriptions$10,000$0
Net Expense
$50,000 - $100,000

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