Jivaso is an official partner of Odoo ERP serving Canada & USA.

One Simple Plan To Grow Your Business

Free Forever

Perfect for startups, small and medium businesses
  • Create my business listing
  • Share your brand story
  • Marketplace advertising
  • Earn premium SEO backlink
  • Generate high quality referral leads
  • Find partners and collaborators
  • Community networking opportunities
  • Get recommendations to build trust
  • Hire on-demand talent*
  • Pre-vetted and reliable resources
  • No recruitment fees or contracts
  • Learning resources and free tools

Why do we offer a Free Plan?

We’re really glad you asked!

We believe in monetizing our services only when our customers are receiving value and benefiting from them. That’s why we provide all of our platform’s features for free, such as business listings, media interviews, marketplace advertising, and talent viewing, allowing for maximum utilization and cost savings for businesses. The only payment required is for talent utilization, which goes directly to the professionals.
To support our platform, we charge a percentage fee from talent subscriptions booked through us. Our collaboration toolkit creates an engaged, motivated, and productive workplace for both employers and talent, with transparent talent delivery and direct communication channels. We don’t have hidden fees or contracts, and we offer affordable, on-demand talent. Our focus on long-term engagement with employers allows us to offer competitive pay to our talent and remain flexible in addressing problems quickly and effectively.

We are made for Bootstrappers and Small Businesses

We started our business with no outside funding, and we understand that your money is precious too. At Jivaso, our customers are our family, and it’s our mission to help you get closer to your customers, partners, and reliable on-demand talent resources whenever you need them. We’re here to support your growth and evolve with you on your entrepreneurial journey, providing affordable and innovative solutions that help you succeed.