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On-Demand Talent Recruitment Platform

Are You Looking for a New Business Opportunity?

There has never been a better time to work in the technology and community growth industry and join Jivaso’s franchise network.


We offer a risk-free, fully remote, flexible and innovative opportunity for small business owners, self employed, first time entrepreneurs, or full-time industry professionals to become a part of global workplace transformation, earn recurring monthly revenue and find work-life balance.

Earn While Empowering Your Local Community

In the midst of rising costs due to the pandemic, war, and inflation, small businesses are seeking tools to generate leads, build partnerships, and hire quality talent. Jivaso’s innovative Peer-to-Peer (P2P) business network offers affordable opportunities for growth. 


Our platform connects business owners with potential customers, partners, and talent, without charging any service fee. With our on-demand talent, we empower local businesses to achieve sustainable success.

Franchise Model Comparison

The traditional franchise or distributor model is losing relevance due to legal regulations, high liabilities, and exorbitant initial investment. At Jivaso, our franchise program caters to aspiring entrepreneurs with limited investment who seek to start their venture single-handedly. With our full support and expertise, we will help you scale your dreams to new horizons.

Traditional Franchise Jivaso Franchise
Franchise Fee $5,000 - $100,000+$0
Investment $50,000 - $1M Only time investment and leverage your existing network
Time to start 3-12 months 1-week
Risks/overheads High risk of failure, recurring expenses No risks or infrastructure costs
Royalty4-12%, limits your ROINo deductions from your profit
Service deliveryCompex, service management and liabilities Hands-free, fully delivered by Jivaso
Work-life balance 24x7 grindFlexible, fully remote, be your own boss!

Join a Sustainable and Recession Proof Industry

In today’s world, the key to the future of businesses lies in harnessing the power of technology and community-based networks for growth. The small business industry faces several challenges, such as digital adoption, talent shortages, rising customer acquisition costs, remote work, and declining margins. 


Our P2P growth mindset offers an affordable alternative to traditional tools, enabling businesses to connect and engage with customers, partners, and talent in innovative ways. Join us in learning, scaling, and growing together to overcome these challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Our Promise to Make You Successful

Our franchisees receive a recurring commission based on sales revenue attainment, while focusing solely on lead generation, brand promotion, and social selling. We provide full training, sales enablement, and solution delivery to support your success. Our goal is to strengthen local communities and offer long-term earning and learning opportunities to our entrepreneurs, empowering them to succeed in any situation.

Training & Support

We provide initial sales training and ongoing support such as ebooks, blogs, webinars to equip you to succeed.

Sales Enablement & Marketing

Jivaso will be involved with every step of your sales cycle and assist with business planning and marketing.

Solution Delivery

We will be responsible for complete solution delivery and after sales services freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.

Know more about Jivaso’s Franchise Program

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