How we started

People are the most important asset for any business. Recruitment industry has been traditionally supported by staffing agencies and unorganized freelancer networks. But in the midst of a global pandemic, many small businesses were facing new and unique challenges such as rising talent cost, talent shortage, remote workplace transformation, quality and confidentiality issues with freelancers. Jivaso was started in 2020 with a purpose of providing reliable, flexible, and affordable talent to SMEs and startups.

Why we started

In an article on Forbes, it is stated that almost 80% of employers say they are increasing their use of freelancers as they suspend full-time hires. This makes perfect sense in a volatile and uncertain economy as talent utilization varies with evolving business needs, and employers don’t want to hire full time employees to keep their costs and risks down. Yet quality, reliability and productivity issues remain pertinent with unmanaged freelancers and/or temporary staff, leading to recruitment churn and business losses.  

How is Jivaso disrupting the recruitment industry

Jivaso offers a permanent solution to recruitment problems. Our recruitment process automation and intelligent talent matching helps employers hire pre-vetted contract professionals, saving them time and money compared to traditional recruitment models.

What are we doing differently

Employers can subscribe to on-demand talent on a pay-as-go monthly basis. No contracts or cancellation fee. We utilize time tracking, project management and collaboration tools to provide a unique experience to both employers and our talent. Unlike other freelance platforms, our goal is to establish long term relationships, and deliver quality value – essentially offer both employers and talent a look-alike experience compared to in-house work format. Throughout the journey, we have a dedicated success manager to assist with work planning, collaboration, reporting and issue resolution.

Empowering global talent

Jivaso provides safe employment and immense learning with access to diverse opportunities. We offer a flexible and remote work environment, yet part of a team. Our talent has access to work operation tools, leverage best practices and infrastructure to enable seamless service delivery. We have a community of 20,000+ talented candidates located around the world. There is no registration or service fee applicable for employees, and payments are made on a weekly/monthly basis.

Strengthening our small business community

We are committed to giving back to our small business community. We share entrepreneur stories, expertise and thought leadership to provide learning and collaboration opportunities for fellow entrepreneurs to start and grow.  Our Entrepreneur Partner Program helps small businesses achieve community networked growth and connect with potential customers who are looking to buy their product or service.