Top Instagram Marketing Ideas to Turn Followers into Instagram Sales in 2022

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Are you struggling to market on Instagram and convert followers into paying customers? 

Regrettably, it’s not as easy as it seems. 

It’s a gradual process that brings results ‘slow but sure.’ 

Don’t get me wrong. 

Selling to Instagram followers can be a challenge, especially when the ‘content influence’ you post is declining. Most businesses can resonate with this trend. 

Using Instagram to drive sales is possible and that requires using this ‘photo and video sharing social networking platform’  strategically. 

Note that selling is somewhat a numbers game. So, your Instagram follower numbers will have an impact on your sales numbers.

When it comes to the ability to gain profits, it’s all about the conversion power you generate.

Let’s throw light on key measures that help turn Instagram followers into Instagram sales.

Start a Conversation 

One peculiar way to attract followers is to engage them through conversation. 

Instagram direct message or DM brings the opportunity to connect with consumers personally.

You can start this by clicking the arrow icon in the top-right corner of your Instagram account as well as posting a picture or video of your new product followed by asking questions to your followers. 

Say, for example, 

  • If you are an eCommerce retailer, ask your audience about their favourite piece of electronic items, clothing, etc. 
  • If you manufacture electronic gadgets, ask your fans about features they would like to see.

Starting a conversation with followers and getting them engaged is a significant step. Talk about your products. Name a group of followers you are sending the message to.

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Offer a Promo Code

Send a product image along with a promo code to your Instagram followers in your message. 

Remember that Instagram Direct message will not allow you to embed clickable links. It is therefore important to send any links as their own individual message. 

Announce that this promo code is only applicable to your Instagram Followers. This will encourage them to use it and make a purchase. 

For a quicker response, mention a time limit to the promo.

Be Original

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that potential customers can be overloaded with boring content. If you regularly post the same content, you are more inclined to fail in generating interest among your followers. 

It is advisable to –

  • Invest time and money to develop innovative, unique engagement strategies for your customers. 
  • Create a video series that your followers can look forward to or hire content writers for creating unique content. 

No doubt, attracting the attention of a potential customer is generally the most difficult way in the conversion process. That’s why being original is important.

Host a Contest

If I offer you an amazon coupon of $500 just for commenting on the photo, would you do it? 

That’s the charm of an Instagram contest.

So, host a contest right before placing your product on sale. 

For example,

  • Post a contest photo on your Instagram page.
  • Announce that the first 10 people to comment will get a DM from you on how to participate.
  • Declare to offer the product (you are offering in the sale) for free as the prize. 

By offering the product in the contest, you will trigger the interest of participants. While they would like to get the product for free, the sale price might be an extra push of incentive to buy.

That’s remarkably good nurturing at work.

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Feature Customers on Your Page

Offer incentives to consumers who buy your products. It is one of the ways to release ‘brand new shoes’ you want to drive sales from Instagram. 

Ask your followers to submit a picture of wearing your new shoes. Encourage them by writing at the end that you will select a few customers to be posted on your page. Potential customers if they want to be featured will have an incentive to buy your product. 

This will boost sales and generate interest in your posts.

Be Active In The Community

Being active in the community is a great way to turn Instagram followers into Instagram sales. 

  • Link and comment on the posts of influential users in your community. 
  • Build exposure among potential customers. 
  • Determine the content that your customers are interested in.
  • Look for users who are popular in that space.

Tell Your Story

Tell your story to keep followers interested and engaged in your content. For this, follow the given instructions:

  • Post about how the company was started
  • Let people know how your products are made
  • Create videos wherein employees discuss why they like your company
  • Let your followers see the making of your social media content

Telling the story of your brand will let your customers identify the people that work for your company. This will build trust between your customers and your brand. Your audience will be more likely to support your brand, thereby driving customer conversion on Instagram.

Customer Service Promotion

Customers are always satisfied with quality service. If you offer free exchanges, full-refund or lifetime warranties, you will be the first place for the people who are looking to buy your products. 

For example, if you manufacture any items and you offer a great warranty against them, let people know about it. In addition, post on your Instagram about a customer that just came in and got his product replaced. This will let people know how reliable you are. Followers will happen to see how great your customer service is and will be interested in buying your products.

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Getting Instagram followers is good. But they are not enough to guarantee success. Make strategies like influencers, conversation, promo code, originality, contest, telling your story. These strategies will leave your followers with a positive sentiment about your product and service. 

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