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7 Lesser-Known Facebook Marketing Tools to Increase Engagement by 153%


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Is Facebook engagement giving you a lot of pain?

Does your social media team have a toilsome task every month to increase engagement?

Have no fret!

Facebook engagement can be easier and more worthy than you ever imagined.

You might have found this out the hard way.

At any given time, you can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook Ads. And you might get success, but you are spending a ton of money.

If you have a large number of fans but very little actual engagement, you are unaware of the hidden tools within Facebook’s apps, extensions, and insights that could make your Facebook ad a lot more effective.

The real power is beneath these less popular tools. That’s why we have tried to compile these tools here.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

A very few marketers take advantage of Messenger marketing despite it being one of the profitable sources in digital marketing today. It is as simple as it sounds.

  • Messages on Facebook Messenger have an open rate of 55-85%.
  • The Clickthrough rate is 20%, mainly when using chat blasting.
  • A conversion rate of 3-5x higher than Facebook desktop ads.
  • Its marketing costs 30-50x less than Facebook ad campaigns

The best way to get started with Facebook Messenger marketing is by hiring digital marketing experts at Jivaso.

Comment Guard

Comment guard (Private Reply via Messenger) is a marketing feature of Facebook Messenger. It lets you add new contacts to your contact list when they comment on your Facebook post.

How ‘comment guard’ works –

  • Post something on Facebook. Let users comment on your post.
  • When someone comments on the post, they automatically get a private reply from you in Messenger.

Say, for example, you post something on your Facebook page that has high engagement potential. This could be a contest, quiz, a question, whatever. All the comments aren’t just comments anymore; they turn to be warm leads.

Use MobileMonkey to pull this off, but it’s really easy.  MobileMonkey is an online platform to run your Facebook Messenger marketing efforts.

Click to Messenger Ads

Click-to-Messenger ads is a normal Facebook ad. It can be placed wherever just like any other Facebook ad can appear such as News Feeds, Stories, and even on Instagram. When a user clicks on the ad, they are redirected to Facebook or Instagram to the Messenger app. They are brought directly to a chat with your brand, which your bot will immediately initiate to respond. You can set your chatbot to ask users questions and send them offers based on their responses.

The ad looks like this:

Warm Engaged Invites

One tool that you can use for building your Facebook audience is that you can invite those who engage with your Facebook page. Invite them to become a fan of your page.

Using this hidden Facebook marketing tool, you can see the people who engaged with your post and can invite them to like the page.

The reason why this is important is that you can target engaged people. If you have a large number of Facebook fans, but you lack when it comes to engagement, Facebook’s algorithm will punish you.

So it is advisable to recognize those people who will be engaged. Use this tool and decide to manually invite engaged people.

Send Personal Invites in Messenger

Another marketing tool is to invite your friends to like your business page. Also, send the invitation in the Messenger. This will enable you to personalize the message and give them two touches instead of just one.

For this, follow the below insertions –

  • Click on the “Community” button on your Facebook page.
  • Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Here, you will be able to invite friends and create a personalized message. However, it is essential to check the box at the bottom for sending the invite using Messenger.

Messenger Drip Campaigns

If you have been associated with digital marketing for any amount of time, you better know how powerful a compelling drip campaign can be.

Drip campaigns automate messaging for your audience even if they join for 1 minute or forever. It is good to design campaigns that nurture your key audience segments, whether they came in from a webinar or ad or whether they are top of the funnel or use your product regularly.

A good Facebook Messenger drip campaign can increase your potency by 10x. Again, the power lies in the chatbot builder. Get the benefits MobileMonkey’s drip campaign feature for this.

The good thing is that a Facebook drip campaign can be completed in a few minutes or hours, unlike an email drip campaign that can take days or weeks to complete.

In addition, when you use a chatbot, the whole sequence can turn to be interactive. You will be able to create multiple choices as well as engage users on a deeper level.

Page Competition Gauge

One of the most important marketing tactics is to understand who your competition is and what they are up to. This practice allows knowing who your competition is. Thanks to Facebook’s algorithm that has figured it out.

For using this feature, you should go to the insights of your Facebook page. From insights, scroll down until you see ‘pages to watch.’

By default, Facebook features to display five potential competitors. However, you have an option to view more by clicking “See More Suggested Pages.”

If you choose to add a competitor to your watched pages, you can keep up with their growth rates, activity, total likes, and the frequency of their posts. With this information, you will be able to understand how you are doing and what needs to be done to achieve your goals and stay ahead of your competitors.

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