10 Best PHP Frameworks To Use in 2022

PHP is the world’s most popular server scripting language for several reasons –ease of use, flexibility and others. It is widely used by sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Wikipedia. Approximately, 79% of all websites use PHP. It is 8 times more popular than ASP.NET. However, coding in PHP or any language often becomes monotonous […]

The Importance of Predictive Analytics in Transforming Data

Prediction is a part of our planning strategy and data is always the most important component of analytics. The role of data is evolving and it is now being used for defining more insights or predictions about different business decision-making skills. The analytics of data analysis for future prediction with the aid of artificial intelligence […]

10 Actionable SEO Tips To Boost Your Business

Most SEO tips are eye-popping. They contain ubiquitous advice, such as ‘improving user experience’ and ‘writing unique content.’ And then they shower oodles of tips. Staying updated with the latest SEO techniques is paramount, as the world of search engine optimization is complex and ever-changing. However, with hundreds of SEO tactics, determining which should be […]

7 Best Text Editors for Web Development

Text editors speed up your workflow. And best code editors have a great impact on your productivity. But, many professionals stick with ‘what they know’ out of their lazy habit. If you scroll through instead, you could uncover the kind of fast and intuitive interface or killer features that merely reinforce you to get your […]

6 Lesser-Known Methods to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads and Increase Revenue

You apply powerful marketing methods to increase organic and paid traffic to your site. GREAT! After all, powerful and effective marketing strategies drive potential traffic. But, high traffic doesn’t always translate into sales revenue. So, failing to convert traffic into leads is only HALF THE BATTLE. According to Forrester Research Report, “more than 97% of […]

4 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Address During Pandemic In 2021

COVID-19 pandemic has caused many digital marketing agencies to modify and re-examine their marketing strategies and processes. Hence, the digital marketing landscape is not what it was at the beginning of 2020. Coronavirus is the reason some trends are accelerating and moving to the forefront. As a business owner, you should partner with a digital […]

Know Latest Google Ads Features and Get the Most Out of It

Google has unleashed several new smart features and ways to buy ads on its different channels. We are exploring one of the newly released Google Ads features, “Getting Impressions on Display and YouTube Ads” and will guide you on how to make most of this feature. Let’s uncover. Display and YouTube Ads Video and display […]

Apply These 10 Techniques to Improve Local Marketing Strategy

Wondering how to help your clients win businesses in your community? If so, this blog is worth a read. While being engaged in the turbulent seas of marketing, don’t lose sight of one of your most significant audiences: your local market. You may need to apply some targeted tactics to reach local audiences. Let’s uncover […]

Improve Website Conversion Rate with 7 Proven UX Design Tactics

Your website lives and dies by its conversion rates. While good conversion rates generate more sales, poor conversion rates mean struggles to keep your business afloat. Innovations in technology have triggered massive changes in digital marketing service approaches. One such change is ‘Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO is a method to grow website visitors or […]