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Case Studies

The Food Service Depot

A wholesale distributor in the food service industry, The Food Service Depot partnered with Jivaso to establish a robust online presence and optimize their sales operations. Jivaso developed a dynamic ecommerce website that served as a user-friendly platform for food service wholesalers, providing them with easy access to The Food Service Depot’s extensive product catalog and facilitating seamless online transactions. 

Leveraging cloud-based ERP functionality, including inventory management, supplier integration, purchase automation, and shipping capabilities, The Food Service Depot achieved efficient stock management, streamlined procurement processes, and automated order processing. Jivaso’s comprehensive solution empowered The Food Service Depot to expand their customer base, enhance operational efficiency, and drive sales growth through their integrated ecommerce and ERP platform.

Davenport Garden Center

Jivaso partnered with Davenport Garden Center, a leading florist committed to organic and sustainable gardening. Davenport Garden Centre, renowned for its superb collection of premium plants and flowers, entrusted Jivaso to create an innovative ecommerce platform tailored to the industry’s unique needs.

Jivaso delivered a robust ecommerce website that brilliantly showcased Davenport Garden’s product offerings and offered a seamless online shopping experience. This included integrating inventory management, supplier relations, online and in-store sales, invoicing, and point-of-sale (POS) functionality, granting Davenport Garden total control over inventory, finances, and supplier interactions. With a user-friendly interface and secure payment gateway, customers enjoyed a smooth and secure purchasing process.

Learn-2-Liberate Foundation

Learn-2-Liberate Foundation partnered with Jivaso to advance its mission of imparting Jain Spiritual knowledge through a systematic approach and comprehensive platform. With Jivaso’s support, the Foundation has undergone a transformative journey, enhancing its digital presence and operational efficiency. This partnership encompassed website design and development, content architecture, student registration workflows, and the streamlining of intake processes. 

Jivaso also played a pivotal role in admissions management, and their expertise in marketing and administrative policy and planning has further fortified the Foundation’s commitment to spiritual enlightenment. The collaborative efforts between Learn-2-Liberate Foundation and Jivaso aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and wisdom of Jain Spiritual Concepts. This knowledge not only helps individuals attain inner peace and harmony but also enables them to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Beta Die Casting

Beta Die Casting partnered with Jivaso to establish a robust ecommerce platform. Jivaso implemented an integrated solution, incorporating sales, CRM, inventory, and supplier management with ERP functionality. The platform streamlined operations, optimizing efficiency and boosting customer satisfaction. 

With user-friendly interfaces, effective inventory control, and seamless financial transactions, Beta Die Casting experienced improved operational efficiency and increased sales. The CRM system facilitated efficient customer relationship management, enhancing engagement and fostering long-term partnerships. 

The ERP capabilities enabled smooth operations, simplifying transactions across different locations and currencies. Leveraging Jivaso’s comprehensive solution, Beta Die Casting achieved a strong online presence, streamlined business processes, and successfully catered to a wider customer base in the industrial equipment industry.

CSB Security

CSB Security, a leading provider of physical and cyber security solutions, sought the expertise of Jivaso to elevate their online presence and optimize their business processes. Jivaso delivered a captivating website design that effectively showcased CSB Security’s expertise and services, instilling confidence in potential clients. 

The development of a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation enhanced the overall user experience. With the integration of a robust CRM system, CSB Security gained valuable insights into customer interactions, enabling them to provide personalized services and tailored solutions. 

Jivaso’s strategic marketing approach ensured that CSB Security’s website attracted relevant traffic, generating qualified leads and driving conversions. With the implementation of effective sales and CRM tools, CSB Security experienced improved efficiency in managing their customer relationships, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and business growth.

Elevation Personal Training

Elevation Personal Training, a premier fitness studio, partnered with Jivaso to revamp their online presence and automate their marketing efforts. Jivaso implemented a comprehensive marketing automation strategy that included a website revamp to showcase Elevation’s unique training programs and expertise. 

The integration of a CRM system enabled Elevation to effectively manage client information, track progress, and deliver personalized training plans. The live chat feature facilitated real-time communication with potential clients, addressing their inquiries and converting them into loyal customers. 

By implementing a subscription model, Elevation successfully engaged their clients with exclusive content and offers. Jivaso’s expertise in marketing automation empowered Elevation to nurture leads, optimize their marketing campaigns, and drive growth in their customer base.

Cannabis License Experts

Cannabis License Experts enlisted the expertise of Jivaso to establish a strong online presence in the competitive cannabis consulting industry. Jivaso provided end-to-end website design and development services, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively showcased Cannabis License Experts’ expertise and services. 

Through strategic marketing initiatives, including targeted campaigns and search engine optimization, Jivaso helped Cannabis License Experts reach their target audience and generate quality leads. The integration of a robust CRM system streamlined their sales processes and facilitated effective customer relationship management. With Jivaso’s comprehensive solution, Cannabis License Experts experienced increased visibility, improved sales performance, and enhanced customer engagement.

BeYou Arts Studio

ArtsBeYou is an expressive art studio that encourages individuals of all ages to explore their creativity. Seeking to revitalize their online presence, ArtsBeYou partnered with Jivaso for a comprehensive website revamp. Jivaso designed a visually stunning website that reflected the essence of ArtsBeYou’s mission and provided an immersive user experience. 

By leveraging marketing automation techniques, ArtsBeYou engaged their audience with personalized content and captivating promotions. The website design focused on creating an intuitive platform for users to explore the studio’s offerings, events, and classes. With Jivaso’s support, ArtsBeYou successfully transformed their online presence, attracting a wider audience and inspiring individuals to unleash their artistic potential.

West End Cannabis

Jivaso collaborated with West End Cannabis, a prominent player in the cannabis industry, to establish a thriving ecommerce platform. Jivaso developed a robust online store that delivered a seamless shopping experience for customers, enabling them to effortlessly browse and purchase a diverse range of cannabis products. 

By integrating sales management, inventory control, supplier management, and point-of-sale (POS) functionality, Jivaso streamlined West End Cannabis’ operations, ensuring efficient order processing, accurate inventory tracking, and seamless financial transactions. Through Jivaso’s comprehensive solution, West End Cannabis witnessed an increase in sales, improved control over inventory, and enhanced supplier management, solidifying their reputation as a trusted provider in the competitive cannabis market.

ICE Cann

As a prominent international cannabis marketplace, ICE Cann partnered with Jivaso to transform their online presence and streamline their operations. Jivaso designed an engaging website that effectively showcased ICE Cann’s wide range of cannabis products and facilitated seamless ecommerce transactions.

By integrating inventory and supplier management functionalities, as well as accounting capabilities, ICE Cann gained complete control over their supply chain, ensuring efficient stock management and timely deliveries. The implementation of a robust ERP system empowered ICE Cann to centralize and automate their business processes, including inventory management, order processing, and financial transactions. Additionally, Jivaso incorporated advanced modules for job management and event organization, simplifying the job application process and facilitating successful industry events. 

Limitless Tire

In collaboration with Jivaso, Limitless Tire partnered to establish a powerful online presence and streamline business processes. Jivaso developed an intuitive ecommerce platform showcasing Limitless Tire’s extensive product catalog and enabling smooth transactions. By integrating sales management, CRM, quotation, invoicing, accounting, inventory control, supplier management, and POS functionality, Jivaso’s solution efficiently managed customer relationships, streamlined order processing, optimized inventory, and facilitated financial transactions. 

The implementation empowered Limitless Tire to deliver exceptional customer experiences through a user-friendly interface. Jivaso’s solution also facilitated multi-warehouse management, custom supplier integration, and flexible shipping. The integration of dropshipping enabled collaboration with third-party suppliers and expanded product offerings without physical inventory. 

Quality Smart Solutions

Quality Smart Solutions, a leading Health Canada and FDA consultant, partnered with Jivaso to enhance their online presence and optimize their business operations. Jivaso’s expertise in website design and development resulted in a visually appealing and responsive website that effectively conveyed Quality Smart Solutions’ brand image. 

Through strategic marketing initiatives, including search engine optimization and targeted campaigns, Jivaso helped Quality Smart Solutions attract relevant traffic and generate qualified leads. The integration of a CRM system facilitated efficient sales management and customer relationship management, enabling Quality Smart Solutions to provide personalized services and build long-term client partnerships. Jivaso’s comprehensive solution, encompassing website design, marketing, sales, and CRM, positioned Quality Smart Solutions for success in their industry.

Carolyn Beach Restaurant & Motel

Carolyn Beach Restaurant & Motel partnered with Jivaso to enhance their online presence and streamline their marketing efforts. Jivaso implemented marketing automation strategies, including CRM integration, website design and development, live chat support, forum implementation, and blog creation. These initiatives improved customer engagement and allowed for personalized interactions. 

Additionally, Jivaso organized successful events to promote Carolyn Beach’s offerings and attract a wider audience. The comprehensive solution provided by Jivaso empowered Carolyn Beach to effectively manage customer relationships, drive traffic to their website, and foster a vibrant online community. By leveraging these marketing automation tools, Carolyn Beach Restaurant & Motel achieved increased brand visibility, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

VLG Connect

VLG Connect, an immigration law firm, collaborated with Jivaso to elevate their online presence and optimize marketing efforts. Jivaso executed impactful marketing strategies, including CRM integration, website revamping, live chat support, discussion forum integration, and content creation. These actions resulted in increased client engagement and tailored interactions.

Furthermore, Jivaso organized successful campaigns to promote VLG Connect’s legal services and expand their clientele. The comprehensive solution provided by Jivaso empowered VLG Connect to efficiently manage client relations, enhance website traffic, and nurture a vibrant online community. Leveraging these marketing strategies led to heightened brand visibility, client satisfaction, and business expansion for VLG Connect.


Itishree, a specialty foods producer, partnered with Jivaso to enhance their brand and operational efficiency. Jivaso’s proficiency in product packaging design elevated the visual appeal of Itishree’s products while staying faithful to the brand’s identity.

Jivaso’s ERP implementation included MRP, BOM, inventory management, and quality control, significantly improving efficiency and precision. These enhancements streamlined production processes, ensuring consistent high-quality products. Jivaso’s customized solutions not only boosted productivity but also fostered deeper customer relationships for Itishree


AdmitDesk engaged Jivaso to develop a sophisticated web-based application connecting international students with colleges in Canada and the USA. Jivaso created student and college dashboards that facilitated seamless communication, document sharing, and application tracking. The CRM system enabled efficient management of student inquiries, applications, and admissions processes. 

Additionally, the project management and HR functionalities streamlined internal workflows and ensured effective collaboration between stakeholders. Jivaso’s comprehensive solution empowered AdmitDesk to revolutionize the student-college interactions, enhance administrative efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for both students and colleges.


Migratesy sought the expertise of Jivaso to develop a web-based application connecting prospective applicants with immigration consultants in Canada and the USA. Jivaso created applicant and consultant dashboards that facilitated seamless communication, document sharing, and application tracking. 

The integrated CRM system enabled efficient management of client relationships and streamlined the immigration consulting process. Additionally, the case management and HR functionalities optimized internal workflows and ensured effective collaboration between applicants and consultants. 

With Jivaso’s comprehensive solution, Migratesy transformed the immigration application experience, enhanced operational efficiency, and provided a reliable platform for applicants and consultants to connect and navigate the immigration process.