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Exploring New Additions in the Odoo 16 Accounting Module: Enhanced Features and Streamlined Workflows


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Odoo 16 introduces an array of exciting additions and enhancements to its Accounting module. From improved analytics and bank reconciliation to enhanced usability and navigation, these new features empower businesses to optimize their financial management processes and make informed decisions. In this blog post, we will delve into the key highlights of the Odoo 16 Accounting module and explore how these additions can revolutionize your accounting workflows.

Application: Analytics

  • Odoo 16 introduces a new analytic widget on invoices, enabling users to easily manage analytic distribution, plans, and distribution models.
  • Financial reports can now be broken down based on analytic accounts and plans, providing a more comprehensive analysis of financial data.
  • Mass edition of analytics is allowed on list views, enhancing efficiency and flexibility.

Application: Bank Reconciliation Widget

  • The bank reconciliation widget in Odoo 16 has undergone significant improvements in terms of navigation, interface, and readability.
  • These enhancements enhance the user experience, making the reconciliation process more efficient and intuitive.

Application: Usability and Navigation

  • Odoo 16 introduces updated navigation throughout the Accounting app to enhance user experience.
  • The aim is to provide a more user-friendly interface and streamline transitions between different screens, making it easier for users to navigate and access desired functionalities.

Application: Journal Audits

  • Several improvements have been made to journal audits in Odoo 16, focusing on increasing overall readability and eliminating repeated information.
  • Empty journals are now excluded, and tax applied details are included, providing a clearer view of journal entries.

Application: Account Reports

  • Account reports in Odoo 16 have been completely reworked to improve performance, user interface, definition, and audit capabilities.
  • These enhancements result in faster report generation, a more intuitive interface, and enhanced accuracy in financial reporting.

Application: Accounting Firms Mode

  • Odoo 16 introduces the Accounting Firms mode, which allows users to access a Quick Total field and manually edit sequences to expedite invoice encoding.
  • This mode enhances productivity for accounting firms by providing time-saving features and efficient workflows.

Application: Asset Management

  • Odoo 16 brings several improvements to asset management, including the ability to cancel assets if needed.
  • Asset models now use the related account as the default Fixed Asset Account, and asset modification wizards are grouped for a cleaner user interface.

Application: Batch Payments

  • In Odoo 16, batch payments have undergone significant enhancements, including the ability to leverage the chatter and activities scheduling features.
  • Reconciliation flow for batch payments containing refused payments has been improved, providing better management options.

Application: Cash Discounts

  • Odoo 16 introduces separate definitions in Payment Terms supporting different tax legislations, improving accounting and follow-up reports’ readability.
  • The Register Payment wizard suggests using the reduced amount if available, and reconciliation suggests using a computed early payment discount write-off if possible.

Credit Limit by Partner

  • Odoo 16 allows setting up a credit limit per company and/or partner.
  • A warning is displayed on sale orders or customer invoices when the total amount of open invoices reaches the specified limit.

Currency Management

  • Improvements have been made to currency display in journal entries form views and accounting journals list views, enhancing currency-related features.

Data Import

  • Odoo 16 introduces a guide, templates, and functionalities to facilitate the import of accounting data, simplifying the data migration process.

Follow-up Reports

  • Follow-up reports have been enhanced in Odoo 16, offering more comprehensive contact management.
  • Users can assign different follow-up contacts to a partner, exclude partners from automatic follow-ups, and manually set follow-up levels.


Odoo 16’s Accounting module revolutionizes financial management processes with its new additions and enhancements. From improved analytics and bank reconciliation to enhanced usability and navigation, businesses can streamline their accounting workflows, gain deeper insights, and make data-driven decisions. Upgrade to Odoo 16 and experience the power of a comprehensive accounting solution tailored to your business needs.

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