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Odoo 16: Unleashing Enhanced Performance and Exciting Features


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Odoo, the all-in-one business management software, has unveiled its latest release, Odoo 16, packed with numerous enhancements and exciting features. This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the new functionalities introduced in Odoo 16, focusing on performance improvements, localization enhancements, eCommerce advancements, knowledge management, OCR capabilities, project management updates, signature improvements, time-off management, accounting enhancements, barcode enhancements, inventory automation, manufacturing optimizations, online appointments, recruitment enhancements, spreadsheet advancements, and website improvements. Let’s dive in and explore the remarkable additions in Odoo 16.

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Performance Boost

  • Backend pages now load and render approximately 3.7 times faster, providing users with a seamless and efficient experience.
  • Website and eCommerce controllers load approximately 2.7 times faster, enhancing the speed and responsiveness of these critical components.

Accounting Enhancements

  • Introduces a new analytic widget on invoices, simplifying analytic distribution, analytic plans, and analytic distribution models.
  • Bank reconciliation widget has undergone improvements in navigation, interface, and readability.
  • Overall navigation within the Accounting app has been optimized, facilitating a seamless transition between different screens.

Accounting Localization Enhancements

  • Localization support for Bulgaria, Kenya, Pakistan, and Serbia.
  • Enhanced localization for several countries, including Belgium, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States of America.
  • Upgrades to localization for Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Indonesia, Mongolia, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Barcode Enhancements

  • Barcode functionalities enhanced with per operation type customization.
  • Improved interface with folded serials and lots by default.
  • Supplier reference available on receipts.

eCommerce Advancements

  • Bulk uploading of multiple product pictures for easier product management.
  • Option to display product pictures in a grid or carousel format.
  • Introduces “catalogue mode” to prevent adding specific products to the cart.
  • Customers can subscribe to notifications for product restocking.
  • Seamless integration of address autocomplete and validation using Google Places API during eCommerce checkout.

Inventory Automation

  • Automate batch creation based on contact, carrier, or destination country.
  • Designate specific locations as Replenishment Locations for automated replenishment.
  • Revamped reporting capabilities for easy navigation between different reports.
  • Automate batch creation based on contact, carrier, or destination country.
  • Designate specific locations as Replenishment Locations for automated replenishment.
  • Revamped reporting capabilities for easy navigation between different reports.

Knowledge Management

  • Introduces a dedicated app for managing company knowledge.
  • Effectively organize and access crucial information within the Odoo environment.
  • Enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing within the organization.

Manufacturing Optimizations

  • Effortlessly create operation dependencies on the Bill of Materials (BOM) for better planning and status tracking.
  • Redesigned work order Tablet view for improved visibility and feedback.
  • Streamline manufacturing operations with individual or simultaneous logins to work centers and work orders.

OCR Capabilities

  • Improved interface and background validation for uploaded invoices and expenses.
  • Enhanced manual field matching for invoices.
  • Separate activation of digitization for vendor bills and customer invoices.
  • Accurate partner detection on invoices using bank account numbers and auto-complete information.

Online Appointments

  • Revamped Appointments web page for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Automatic publishing of appointment types with default reminders and schedules.

Project Management Updates

  • Efficient document management from tasks using the new ‘Documents’ smart button.
  • Revamped ‘Project Updates’ side panel for a comprehensive overview of project profitability.
  • Link services to project milestones for automatic or manual delivery with appropriate invoicing policy.

Recruitment Enhancements

  • Set skills for applicants and transfer them to the employee profile upon hiring.
  • CV digitization for automated extraction of essential information.
  • Convenient preview and document signing for applicants within the app.

Signature Improvements

  • Manage signature requests in a specific order for efficient signing process.
  • Improved access to documents awaiting signature and sent documents.
  • Enhanced document sharing behavior.

Spreadsheet Advancements

  • Open-sourced Odoo Spreadsheet library for community contributions.
  • Convert uploaded XLSX files into Odoo Spreadsheet for easy editing.
  • Addition of new functions for retrieving accounting measures.

Time-Off Management

  • Creation of ‘Stress days’ to restrict leave requests during specific periods.
  • Dashboard visibility for the validity dates of available leave allocations.
  • Users can delete their approved and refused time-off requests before they commence.

Website Improvements

  • Easy access to backend views of products, events, and appointments with a single click.
  • Introduction of ‘Devices’ category for aesthetically pleasing representation of images on different devices.
  • Enable grid mode on building blocks for full control over element arrangement.


Odoo 16 presents a wide range of exciting features and performance improvements that empower businesses to streamline their operations and enhance productivity. Whether you’re seeking efficient project management, robust accounting capabilities, optimized inventory management, or seamless eCommerce integration, Odoo 16 has it all.

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