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Know Latest Google Ads Features and Get the Most Out of It


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Google has unleashed several new smart features and ways to buy ads on its different channels. We are exploring one of the newly released Google Ads features, “Getting Impressions on Display and YouTube Ads” and will guide you on how to make most of this feature.

Let’s uncover.

Display and YouTube Ads

Video and display formats are different. They are not the type of ad you think of when it comes to online acquisition. They let you drive key performance metrics with paid visual placements next to the platform’s video player.

  • YouTube Display Advertising is more popular for brand awareness and influence targets.
  • They appear to the right of a view player in the corner of the screen.
  • They are available only for advertising on desktop.
  • They come in different formats and sizes like animation and images.

Although video and display formats are ad and more popular for influence scapegoats and brand awareness, a search engine like Google tends to convince you otherwise.

  • Don’t ignore the fact that Google has so much data on users’ profiles. And it can predict what these users want to buy.
  • The search engine knows users well with the help of their search queries, media (like AMP pages, Videos) users consume, and their past purchases.
  • Due to the treasure trove of data points, the algorithm identifies which new video game console a user wants. Google shows the user only that relevant ads when he is ready to buy
  • The ad will be more likely to convert
  • Google will get a higher per page by only showing converting ads to users

Getting Impressions on Display and Youtube Ads But Only Pay for Sales!

You are now allowed to run performance-based targeting for YouTube Ads on the Display network. It generally means a lower reach than a CPM or a TrueView Campaign (TruveView Campaign is an ad format that gives viewer options to skip the advertisement after five seconds). But you will be able to get incremental conversion while controlling your budget.

It is also important to note displaying or not displaying your ad depends on the algorithm. If your products or services are relevant for audiences, this is will be a virtuous cycle and you will get a lot of volumes. On the other hand, if they do not find an audience, your campaign may not pick up at all.

Let’s make it work for you: 

  • Use Smart Display with a tCPA or tROAS bidding strategy. tCPA or tROAS are automated bidding strategies that use machine learning to optimize your bids based on a goal you set. This will allow you to retain the benefits of the Smart Display framework without losing control.
  • SEISO (a Google Ads campaign audit tool) has audited 13,000+ Google Ads accounts.  Based on these accounts, your digital marketing agency can track the best targeting that are: “Similar converters” & “Custom Intent on your competitors”
  • To identify which audience is the most relevant for your product, use the audience analysis section of SEISO. The best part is that using this tool is free.

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