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Pineapple Wealth Management

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About Us

We help families, individuals, and investors make informed decisions regarding wealth management and future planning of personal and estate management.

I first started with a passion for helping individuals make money and took a job with a major bank. Years later, my mother came to me with a situation. I was able to help her, but unfortunately for my Mom, the solution was too late. She passed away before it could be put in place, with no Life Insurance. This was my motivation to start my financial business and help other get properly protected. My mother’s case taught me that when offering a financial plan to people, it’s important to communicate the imperative issues (such as proper insurance needs in place to cover debt and the grievance period for your loved ones) and ask permission to have a sense of urgency to put that part of the solution in place.

Helping people understand the fundamentals of building a strong financial foundation is crucial to the plan’s longevity. It was then I learned that most people don’t understand the money game, and a lot of people need help to make the next decision, whether that is saving for their retirement, their kid’s education, buying a property, or more complicated estate wealth management issues, and Insurance plans. I get motivated by the continuous experiences I have had in the field. From helping people put a down payment on a house, qualify for their mortgage, or even help their loved ones grieve through being financially stable after delivering a life insurance claim to their surviving beneficiaries.

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Mortgage RenewalsInvestment PropertiesPersonal LoansMortgage Pre-Approval

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