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Social Media
Social Media
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, USA

About Us

OneUp is a social media scheduling tool that supports FB, IG, Tw, LI, Pinterest, TikTok, YT, and GMB.

OneUp differs from tools like Buffer and Hootsuite because we allow for a post to be set to automatically repeat at set intervals, such as daily, weekly, monthly, every 3 months, 6 months, or annually.

Our customers consist of startup founders, small business owners, bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and social media managers – basically any kind of business, or even people who are just building their personal brand.

Here are a few examples of how some of our customers use OneUp:

We have an e-commerce store owner that has a whole bunch of posts, each highlighting a different product he sells. He has them scheduled out to post one per day. However, once it gets through all the posts, those posts will automatically repeat. Before, he was taking the time to do all of this manually. Now, he has an automated way of consistently driving traffic back to his site and those products.

We have a radio station that used to manually copy and paste the same social media posts about certain programs starting at various times of the day, every Monday through Friday. Now with OneUp, they just set those post to repeat, freeing hours of tedious labor every week.

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Read how Davis Baer shares the story of building and growing OneUp: How to bootstrap and be profitable in a VC-funded market

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