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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

About Us

Breweries (especially new breweries) know they want to make beer. Running a brewery is hectic, and keeping track of inventory, sales, regulatory data, costs, accounts, etc., tends to fall behind as the brewery concentrates on keeping production running smoothly.

Brew Ninja is a cloud-based application that helps breweries track all the data that needs to be tracked in a brewery, including data required by federal and regional governments, production planning, sales planning, waste, and costs. Brew Ninja can even simplify your invoicing.

Brew Ninja can operate as a standalone system, or it can operate fully integrated with a brewery’s accounting and point-of-sale system. This lets breweries track their finances in their existing accounting platforms but automates data entry in accordance with best practices for manufacturing-based accounting. Brew Ninja really becomes the information hub for your brewery!

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