Jivaso is an official partner of Odoo ERP serving Canada & USA.

On-Demand Talent Recruitment Platform

Technology enabled, human centric platform

Jivaso uses recruitment process automation to capture candidate skill sets and key performance indicators. Talent profile data is then matched with employer requirements based on a diverse set of parameters such as skills, domain knowledge, experience history, personality traits, communication skills, reputation, values, career purpose and location to find the most suitable match.

Efficiency through automation

Talent Matching helps us sort through a large volume of candidates by identifying those most closely aligned with a job description in comparison to similar candidates. Using our tech enabled approach, we make recruiting decisions more quickly, reduce recruiting costs and time-to-fill.

Bias mitigation

By using Talent Matching to focus on skills, there is less likelihood that unconscious bias towards things such as gender and race will impact hiring decisions in the early stages of the selection process.

What we do, cannot be accomplished by technology alone

Our automated recruitment process is also supported by human intervention and encompasses a very comprehensive list of talent alignment factors and quality control metrics.
Domain knowledge and skills
Social profiling and personality checks
Communication and interpersonal skills
Background and reference checks
Organization and cultural alignment
Values and career purpose