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Elvaan Equipment Solutions

We are a provider of construction, utility & heavy equipment from global brands like Develon, Ammann, JLG & Toro

Suman Mukherjee
June 27, 2023

Learn from our community entrepreneurs! In this interview, Suman Mukherjee shares the story of building and growing Elvaan Equipment Solutions, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

  • Hi! Tell us about your business and what problem are you solving?

    We’re helping build the foundation of Canada’s future! Our construction and heavy machinery equipment are an essential part of all infrastructural sectors. As we power up for a brighter tomorrow, our services ensure that everyone can enjoy success in 2050

  • What's your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

    I have been a heavy equipment man for close to 25 years now. I have worked with global giants & learnt from the best. Combined with this is my passion to give back to the nation & society that I belong to, led to the birth of Elvaan Equipment Solutions. We are known for providing the highest quality of construction, utility & heavy equipment for the Canadian market.
    As I said, I’m committed to contributing to the nation’s growth by creating amazing products and serving our customers. Delivering much-needed improvements to infrastructure will create a path to help build Canada for 2050.

  • How do you motivate yourself to keep going every day?

    Our vision at Elvaan Equipment Solutions is to make our way to Canada’s Top 3 Construction Equipment Dealership soon & reach the 100 million revenue mark by 2025. We wish to achieve this by promising & delivering on high quality & innovative solution to our customers. This drives & inspires team Elvaan to become better than yesterday, with each passing day.

  • What's your one biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

    I have the privilege of leading two companies – The Utility Division named Trenchless Utility Equipment and the Construction Equipment Division named Elvaan Equipment Solutions as their President & CEO to bring top-tier international brands such as Terra Trenchless Technologies, Universal HDD, Doosan-Hyundai, JLG, Skyjack Husqvarna, and Toro into the Ontario market. These firms have earned over $600 million U.S. in revenues across North America and Asia alone in the last 12 years.

  • What’s your one biggest challenge you face and how do you overcome it?

    With a successful business, it can be difficult to find individuals who share the same drive and commitment. That’s why recruiting professionals with similar ambitions and passions has been such an arduous task – but one that is vitally important for any organization looking to make waves in its area of expertise. We try to work around it by ensuring we partner with organizations & individuals who share our commitment towards – working for the nation & ensuring absolute customer success.

  • What are your hiring strategies to build a successful business?

    Same as previous question

  • To anyone looking to start or grow a business today, what three tips would you give them?

    1. Identify your area of passion & get involved in a developing & growing a business in this domain.
    2. Connect your ambition to a larger purpose & work towards them.
    3. Identify & partner with individuals who share your energy & passion.

  • Where can we go to learn more about your business?

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