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WordPress 5.9 Release Delayed Until January 25, 2022


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The third major version release of WordPress for 2021 has been delayed. It will now be released on January 25, 2022. The step has been taken due to the significant fall of the project to such an extent that the core contributors voiced concerns about the feasibility of meeting the 2021 deadline. The reason behind the delay is the significant blockers that could not be fixed in time for Beta 1.

WordPress 5.9 is the major version release that was scheduled to be launched in December 2021. But, the amount of changes required apparently overwhelmed the development team. According to reports, many important components of the version for an easy-to-use block-based editor were not ready for release. The truth is that block-based editor is deemed as the future of WordPress. Without these key components, the future of WordPress is stuck.

WordPress 5.9

The main aim for WordPress in 2021 is to offer full site editing (FSE) to all WordPress users. WordPress version 5.9 is an important update due to the feature of full site block editing capabilities. It means that you can control both – the page content and global pieces of your website at the same time. So, you can change your footer or header design using the same design tools while working on-page content without leaving the screen.

It is a crucial milestone for the WP Communities. In fact, FSE is a basic feature that enables a publisher to edit every aspect of a website using the Gutenberg block interface – editor blocks to create content layouts in the new WordPress block editor. The purpose of this interface is to let WordPress be easier to use through a visual interface.

The Core Team announced the WordPress 5.9 Revised Release Schedule, and the release is now planned for January 25, 2022.
– WordPress News

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