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Maintain Business Continuity And Remain Engaged With Customers During COVID-19


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COVID-19 has created panic all over the world, and it’s a big jerk. Social distancing is the only viable way to stop the contamination, and therefore we have become willingly isolated. But the flow of life does not stop here. The show must go on, so are the businesses. During this crisis, the most important point is to maintain the business continuity for business owners and managers, and the sole objective is in staying engaged with customers with a positive vibe for a better future. 

Credit goes to the internet, connectivity is an easy to adopt challenge, no point where you are located on the planet. You can stay connected with the world including your customers using the internet and by asserting your online presence in a positive way. During COVID-19 you have to operate from your home, so you have to enjoy the leverages of communication apps, social pages, and collaborative technologies mostly to stay connected with peers and customers. 

Business continuity with employee integration

It is a sheer problem that you have to work physically in a remote mode. So digital integration is the only way to stay active. Staying digitally integrated gets easier with your smartphone. Instant messaging, creating an office group, using Skype, zoom connectivity, etc. can bring you close and closer to your group. You can do the conference, planning, file sharing, and even creating presentations together to maintain continuity.  

Video conference for interactive communication

Visual communication is more powerful than audio support. You can arrange for video conferencing with your potential stakeholders, employees, as well as investors. You can bring international associates on board with the help of virtual video conferencing tools.  Business decision may get a poise, but planning and approval can always be done. 

Stay in touch with the customers

No matter if you are staying/working from home, you can always increase your social media presence. Relevant, positive, and inspirational posts on social media on behalf of your business can surely create a positive impact. You can create a community page where your customers and associates can get united and exchange positive interactions. A sense of community, integrity, and commonality can create a vibe that brings hope. It is a positive impetus to stay focused.

It’s time to unite your followers and stay connected. You can create a hashtag and may encourage your followers, customers, and associates to share their connection with each other.

Be transparent 

COVID-19 has created an international disaster, and that is affecting all types of businesses worldwide. If you have any pending transaction, delivery commitment, or payment obligation, speak to your client or vendor and keep them updated about your next move. 

If you remain open and accessible, it will help your customers and clients to stay positive about you that they can resume the contacts in the near future.

COVID-19 has given us a stiff jerk but it has given us a time to look back on the business strategy. You can always check if you want to revamp your website or if you need some consultancy support to revamp your business. While it’s time to maintain the continuity of business with the technological resource, it is a time to strengthen your business wing for a deep plunge after the crisis gets over. 

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