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Leverage Technology to Work Remotely Amid COVID 19


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The infection of COVID 19 has changed the workplace scenario abruptly. The convention work style from the office has become a jerk because coming out of the house and working multiple people under one roof is neither safe nor permissible. So working remotely is very much in practice these days. Worldwide people are working remotely from their homes, and workflow is wonderfully maintained.

Working remotely has become easy amid COVID 19 because of the convenience of technology. But what are the technologies that are helping in staying connected for the employers and employees? It is the power of the internet, but along with that, some apps make communication easier. Let’s check.

Discussion can be done like a regular office

You can use the mileage of WhatsApp for creating a group and for continuing chat programs there exactly as you were doing in your office. Similarly, the use of slack, Zoom, Skype, Discord, Flock programs are there which will help you to share a file, share the screen as well as for doing teleconference with the whole team. Digital meeting and teleconferencing will be as easy as you do in the office. 

Client relationship management tools

You can install client relationship management tools for efficient coordination with your clients. A variety of tools are available in the market for purchase and installation. You will get to manage data, follow-up, reminder, improved communication with these tools. 

Task assignment and delivery by cloud computing

Cloud-based software like Dropbox and above all Google Drive are the easiest ways to create virtual folders, from where uploading and downloading tasks are easy and completely safe. It is a completely transparent way of data and output sharing process and there is least chance to lose the data once it is uploaded. 

You can chat instantly

WhatsApp, Messenger, We-Chat, Vibar are some of the chat apps that you can use for instant messaging with your office colleagues. You may chat one to one, you may create a group as well. You can contact your overseas employees as well as overseas clients with these apps in the most cost-efficient way. You have to use mobile internet or Wi-Fi for this communication. You can send messages, you can use voice call as well.  

Video conferencing

Audio conferences are quite common nowadays. But visual supports in a meeting can make it more effective. In remote working video conferencing can help a lot with it leveraging technology. You need your internet connection, laptop, mobile, and smart cameras like Meeting Owl Pro, etc. Video conferencing can help in understanding the body language of the participants as well as a facility to speak face to face. 

Assess informational needs

Leveraging technology becomes easier and productive when you have predictive analytics tools with you. Business managers or business owners will get excellent leverage with these tools at the time of remote working. Predictive analytics-based tools can help a business owner/manager to ensure that employees can work with their best productivity regardless they are working onsite or from a remote location.  

Social distancing is the need of the day to stop the pandemic due to the COVID-19 infection. But in an office or in a business collaborative effort is the prerequisite to survive and excel. Leveraging these technologies we can work remotely and we can stay digitally integrated, united, and productive at our best.  

Social distancing is the need of the day to avert the pandemic due to the COVID-19 infection. But, in an office or a business, collaborative effort is the prerequisite to survive and excel. Leveraging these technologies, we can work remotely, and we can stay digitally integrated, united, and productive at our best.

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