Chatbot Development for Educational Institution

An exceptional AI integrated conversational Chatbot, with a merge of Intelligence and sway of Machine Learning, assisting with a personalized response for every prospect’ queries with absolute resolution.


Project Scope

University Application assistance has become a highly augmented domain providing an extensive service to different prospective students. But the classic engagement model including email communication, support ticket response, engaging and connecting through calls, etc sometimes reduces the productivity of the associates on replying to basic inquiries, also restricts the extensive reach of students across diverse time-zones due to the delayed response. 

The overall efficiency of response, convincing relationship, efficiency may become ‘Questionable’. This ascertains the requisite of advanced engagement and communication system that provides a customized resolution for all inquiries raised by global prospective students real-time with no human intervention

Solution Highlights

Seamless Engagement. Leveraged Experience. Realtime Assistance. 

A cloud-based self-learning AI cohesive and customized chatbot that acts as a virtual assistant 365*24*7 to every prospective student specially designed for Educational Consultants, to engage and deliver absolute clarification with a minute response for each-and-every inquiries even during the unavailability of support associates.

The features of AI virtual chatbot can be customized, enabling it to respond from simple to complex query structures based on our custom-built and trained Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, context, intent detection and management and much more. The extensive reach and sophistication of its use-cases are made possible through our cross-platform and application implementation.

For real-time tracking and analytics, every conversation is mapped for monitoring and assessing the overall process and experience of students. This helps to connect with prospects on pre- and post-registration of inquiries and follow-ups. The strong authentication of personnel data and advanced API integration for data handling makes this all possible in one application.

Business Value Delivered

The Educational Consultancy chatbot has increased the competence of the associates engaging with global students with no restriction on time-zones and responding timeline. The self-training and repeated refining mechanism of our custom-built AI models have proven its excellence in accuracy. Overall, the students and associate engagement in the counseling journey is made more insightful and delightful.

The cloud-integrated advanced data analytics, forecasting, and tracking of user’ engagement workflow has helped the organization to improvise its inclusive operational productivity and associate’ efficiency. Our virtual chatbots are still learning to make itself refined to provide you the best service and experience.

Online Reputation Mgt For Hotel Industry

Enhance and manage your online repute with our game-changing solution enabling to embark and capitalize business with huge customers.


Project Scope

The company was unable to maintain its online reputation as there was no centralized system for tracking, managing, evaluating the experience, and feedback raised in multiple social platforms by the customers. They maintained their official website to highlight their business impact which reflected no change in growth progress.

One of the major drawbacks was no extensibility in their marketing and brand management across various platforms due to the privation of integrated communication and engagement strategy. To identify and fix the missing glare of the business, we engaged with our client with an extensive research proposal for the identification of major pitfalls.

Solution Highlights

A centralized web interface, the enablement to track, manage, orient customer experience, and feedback in an evolving digital topography. The integrated feature of data analytics and report generation helps to identify existing and future possible threats to act before any impacts. This assisted in the maintenance of operational reputation globally.

The feedback, support request, and response system kept intact the bond between the customer and the business. This automated platform enabled the associates to respond to all the reviews from various platforms through a single-window increasing the efficiency and responding time to customers. The instant notification and email support intimation to the respective departments are an effective feature.

In addition to all digital transformation strategies, associate training was provided to educate the end-to-end marketing engagement and campaign to engage with customers actively creating a ‘ready-to-guide’ rich attitude among them.

Business Value Delivered

The outcome of the detailed research and implementation of our product helped our client proliferate their business endowing their customers with impressive service and satisfactory stay experience. The digital engagement and marketing campaign turned the attention of the customer at a wider perspective that increased the revenue and online reputation too.

PMP For Immigration Consultants

A Dynamic cloud-integrated workflow specially designed for Immigration consultants to manage all the requisites to ease the Business process, help converge more on revenue generation.


Project Scope

One of our reputed client in Immigration consulting domain was facing a problem in manual handling of the process including managing, coordinating with the business practices, enriched customer relationship, periodical assessment of internal and external policies and foreign lawsuits, documentation management, evaluation of security and privacy related to each client depending on the various destination country, at present.

This makes the process hectic and slows down the focus on revenue generation and more deliberation towards the course of action. This proves the requirement of streamlined automated dashboard assistance for practice management

Solution Highlights

Our customized practice management leveraged the productivity and efficiency of each associate, increasing the engagement with clients, and reducing the efforts on documentation and manual works. This transition to the cloud and paperless reduced the management cost and fatal human errors.

On-the-fly access to the resources, agility to strategize instantly, real-time legal compliance assessment, automated and intuitive scheduling with clients, customer intent forecasting, are most domineering features that helped our client to be ahead of the existing competition to attract and reach wide target audiences.

Business Value Delivered

Our product created a great impact not just in customer engagement for our client but also helped the public relation and management team to deal with legal assessment and compliance for each client’s destination country in real-time through our intelligent practice management platform for our client.

3D Virtual Tour For a New Condo Building

Stage your business with leveraged 360° virtual reality tour application to drive significant Industry transformation bringing the attention of potential clients.


Project Scope

We were working with a real estate client whose primary goal is to attract a larger audience for pre-booking to keep the funds flowing to support their project. The marketing strategy seems to be less effective and the website to exhibit their project was quite primitive. The overall performance analytics reflected the low customer engagement for the project.

Solution Highlights

Mesmerising Innovation. Impressive Experience. Extensive Engagement

We extended our digital consultancy service for this project to help our client achieve their business requirement. During our brainstorming session, essential parameters were scrutinized, identified the pit-falls of the marketing strategy and customer engagement model. The most prominent practise of every customer is stopover on builder/agents’ website before on-site tour appointment to have a better understanding about the project. Consequently, the first impression starts from the digital web interface which decides the worth of the project among customers.

To overcome the fissures and barriers, we suggested the implementation of 3D and 360° virtual home tours boosting the selling process, leveraging the digital experience of the potential buyers and captivating more customers especially who are geographically far away. This reduced the overall cost of building a model house and purchase of suitable furniture for showcase.

The implementation of our product was made available across platforms including web, mobile and Gear VR. To levitate the experience, VR headphones was provided that completes the package of premium experience. Our amazing creative designers envisioned the project through the implementation of cutting-edge VR 3D rendering technologies which increased the quality of the project and purchase intention of the customers.

Business Value Delivered

Our impressive product and digital marketing strategy not just helped our clients to engage with their customers but also created an emotional connection towards the property through virtual yet realistic 3D home tours as it takes them to the nook-and-corner to feel and experience the richness and worthiness compelling them to invest their funds.

This eased the pre-ordering process, reduced overall cost, abridged sales cycle timeline to more than the level of expectation with increased customer investment.


360 Digital Marketing Services for a Liquor Company

A Revolutionizing Digital marketing solution that drills down the obstructions of omni-channel competence to blooming capital and wider business outreach.


Project Scope

We were working with a prevalent Liquor company known for its best liquor product production and distribution. Despite the prosperous business, they faced limitations in marketing and promoting its brand & product although implemented multiple promotional activities. 

The result of our brainstorming sitting with the company reported the lack of digital promotions and marketing campaigns in the B2C segment, no centralized web interface, and content management system (CMS) that hardly pushed-back the recent announcements and offers to reach a wider audience instantaneously.

The significant privation was the low visit traffic of the site due to ineffective Search Engines Optimization (SEO) strategy i.e. less visibility of the product and its ranking in Google search engine. This restricted their brand and product to get hold of limited customer crowd rather than a global feat.

Solution Highlights

Prominent Sales. Pre-eminent Impression. Prudence Digital Transformation.

A centralized dashboard with a sophisticated user interface to manage all the marketing and omni-channel promotions including on-the-fly content update, real-time performance of campaign insights, harnessing public relationships with wider consumers circle through social networks with instant push notifications. The facilitation to track and coordinate the promotional strategies based on the analytics of the data from previous marketing events.

Local consumer engagement, in-event, in-store product promotion through innovative and elegantly designed flyers, banners, postcards, product catalogs that fabricates a strong impression of the brand and product among consumers with no concede in style and intent. The special integration of instant product information via on-the-fly scanning of the digital codes embossed on the cards.

The site visit hike made promising through a well-crafted off-stage promotional and SEO strategy including continuous blog, articles, posts in social networks, infographics publications.

Business Value Delivered

The well-architected marketing design and solution paved to guaranteed customer engagement with the product, enhanced visibility of the site, and hike of visit ranking in the google search engine resulted in value-added to the capital of the brand.

The centralized marketing design and instant performance report generation, control of all promotional campaigns under a single dashboard empowered the associates to track and drive the customer to experience the potential of the product via digital transformation and viable consumer-product engagement.

Sales CRM Web Application Development

An Integrated platform that changed manual analytics and engagement model to automated pipeline platform encountering and capitalizing wider business opportunities.


Project Scope

Field sales reps are one of the challenging domains in B2B and B2C where the sales cycle including not limited to customer relationship, data, capital management and tracking, support ticket response and rating analysis, deal handling, etc decides the performance and weight of the product among a large audience. This settles that classic CRM, no more serves the needs of the sales team.

Moreover, manual or skilled specialists can handle these rapidly fluctuating markets during initial phases of the Business that limits their service to few existing customers but defending to move forward due to lack of centralized, automated system.

Solution Highlights

More Productivity. Assured Profitability. Enhanced Competence.

An integrated, flexible-pipeline based centralized web application with alluring dashboards specially designed for comprehensive sales CRM and progression, encompassed with advanced attributes built from AI to prioritize the business prospects and automate the workflows.

The agility to strategize on-the-go, ability to blow the performance with advanced analytics insights, forecasting customers’ experience, report generation, personalized customer interaction, featuring real-time sales deals and much more advanced features. No matter if it is online or offline, our application keeps every data intact real-time.

Business Value Delivered

We delivered an custom CRM platform which was easy to use and mobile friendly where field sales representatives and inside sales specialists can log their customer activities, tasks, events, sales call description, automated follow up activities. It helped the managers to collaborate and work closely with their team as they could visualize the sales development.

Company management reported that the CRM tool has free up their time and energy from maintaining excel files and word documents used for sales reporting and forecasting; all such processes can be automated.