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On-Demand Talent Recruitment Platform

Hire on-demand talent, easier and faster

Small businesses can connect with on-demand talent professionals on our P2P platform. Our recruitment process automation and intelligent talent matching helps you hire pre-vetted, reliable and flexible professionals, saving you time and money compared to traditional recruitment models.

Subscribe to Reliable and Flexible Talent

No recruitment Fee. Risk-free, cancel anytime, no contract lock-in. Monthly pay-as-go based on hourly utilization. Simple, straightforward, and fair, just as it should be.
Pre-vetted Candidates

Don’t waste time and resources with hit and trial recruitment.

On-site or Remote Hire

Hire candidates based on your work preference.

Managed Payroll/Benefits

Jivaso takes care of complete talent management.

On-demand Talent

Don’t lose money. Hire talent based on your utilization.

$0 Recruitment Cost

Don’t pay hefty commissions or service fees to agencies.

Performance Monitoring

Routine touch points to review talent performance and issue resolution.

Multi-domain Experts

Choose from a pool of tech, marketing, sales, finance, customer service talent.

1-Week Free Trial

Get peace of mind. Jivaso will replace any unsatisfied resources.

Productivity Toolkit

Leverage time tracking, task management and collaboration tools.

Comparison with Traditional Recruitment Models

Jivaso offers a long term flexible and affordable solution to your evolving recruitment needs.
Freelancers Fiverr/Upwork Remote Developers Toptal/Turing Job Boards/ Staffing AgenciesJivaso Platform
Pre-Vetted Talent
Intelligent matching algorithm
Talent Management
Payroll, benefits, domain knowledge, training
Long-term Sustainability
Long term engagement, retention, evolving scope of work
Performance Toolkit
Productivity management and collaboration tools
Managed Team
Multi-domain talent led by team manager

Global Network of Industry Experts

Our talent community comprises professionals in diverse domains across the globe.



Virtual Assistant





Fractional Executives

Product Management


Customer Service

Project Management

How to Hire on Jivaso Platform

Three easy steps for Employers. No contract. No recruitment fees.


Submit Intake Profile

Create a free account and submit one or more job requirements. Our employer success manager will be in touch to discuss your business needs and expectations.


Connect with Matching Candidates

Get shortlisted candidate profiles based on our intelligent talent matching process. Average time to match is within 72 hours. Claim your 7-day free trial with your first candidate.


Hire the Right Candidate in No Time

Subscribe to a pay-as-go monthly talent plan. One of our employer success managers will be assigned to your account throughout your journey with us.


Hands free talent recruitment and management options so you can focus on your core business.
Team management

Dedicated team manager for day-to-day resource management.

Fractional CXO’s

Hire management executives on a pay per hour basis.

Task management

Lead scope/work planning, assignment, and task management.

Performance management

Resource utilization and productivity management.

International Recruitment

International candidates

Find the right skill set which fits your business and cultural needs.

Immigration compliance

Certified experts to get immigration approvals such as LMIA.

Start to end recruitment

Turnkey support from application paperwork till final landing.

Virtual assistants (VA)

Hire remote VA or set up offshore customer care centers.


Jivaso uses recruitment process automation to capture candidate skill sets and key performance indicators. Talent profile data is then matched with employer requirements based on a diverse set of parameters such as skills, domain knowledge, experience history, personality traits, communication skills, reputation, values, career purpose and location to find the most suitable match.  

Efficiency through automation: Talent Matching helps us sort through a large volume of candidates by identifying those most closely aligned with a job description in comparison to similar candidates. Using our tech enabled approach, we make recruiting decisions more quickly, reduce recruiting costs and time-to-fill. 

Bias mitigation: By using Talent Matching to focus on skills, there is less likelihood that unconscious bias towards things such as gender and race will impact hiring decisions in the early stages of the selection process.

What we do, cannot be accomplished by technology alone. Our automated recruitment process is also supported by human intervention and encompasses a very comprehensive list of talent alignment factors and quality control metrics.

Yes, Jivaso offers a combination of smart automation and human touch to find a perfect fit for your requirements. 

Our employer success managers will help you create a talent management strategy by focussing on different areas of recruitment and influencing factors.  Our discovery sessions would typically include below topics to be discussed.   

  • Job role requirements and challenges 
  • Audit of current recruitment ecosystem 
  • Talent alignment based on historical hiring data for similar roles 
  • Hiring time frame and budget alignment  
  • Talent availability and utilization requirements

Jivaso has a talent community of 20,000+ candidates. Our network comprises skilled professionals and  industry experts who are looking for long term meaningful work. Our hourly rates are negotiated to suit a long term engagement and are highly competitive.

Jivaso is constantly monitoring talent performance and would schedule routine touch points with the employers. Our employer success managers are always available for prompt issue resolution or modifications in the talent subscription plan. 

  • Initial consultation and personalized support  
  • Talent qualification, recruitment and onboarding  
  • Employer kick-off and talent setup
  • Ongoing support and employer communications 
  • Quarterly cadence with the employer 
  • Assist with modifications in talent subscription plan

Jivaso offers an add-on plan for small businesses or startups who are looking for additional team management support. 

Managed team plan covers the following:

  • Dedicated team manager for ongoing support 
  • Team manager would participate in weekly business meetings
  • Support task planning, assignment and monitoring 
  • Streamline project management and collaboration 
  • Time tracking, productivity management and effective reporting
  • Evaluate talent mix based on evolving business requirements

In case you have any unresolved issues or are facing challenges with the hired resources, please reach out to the employer success manager who will engage the head of operations and quality controls.