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4 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies to Survive and Thrive Your Business


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The world has grappled with coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 has hit everyone hard. And businesses are no exception.

Have you ever taken heed of what the post-pandemic world would mean for your business?

Pandemic has increased the speed at which the world is adopting “DIGITAL PLATFORMS.”

It has empowered many online industries, innovated the way marketing is done, and affected digital marketing strategy.

Never before have we been so dependent on ‘Work From Home’ ‘Zoom’ ‘Google.’ This demonstrates that as digital marketers, we make decisions that use this new reliance on technology.

You shouldn’t let the coronavirus whittle away your efforts.  Since the pandemic progress, resetting strategy during and post-pandemic marketing would bring long-term benefits.

Below are 4 effective post-pandemic marketing strategies.

#1 Focus On Existing Customers

Are you struggling with new clients? Experts say, try focusing more on the existing customers who are still with you despite the economic downturn.

  • Create services to meet their needs
  • Launch ad campaigns to target their new requirements
  • Issue refunds to clients who had prepaid memberships
  • Or give refunds to those who were on auto-pay during the lockdown period

Though this could burn your cash flow, the money you have refunded will most likely come back tenfold when the economy restabilizes.

For instance,  Neil Patel launched premium UberSuggest features with the free version. While he witnessed a drop in free trial signups, he did receive an overflow of admiration from an endless number of people within the industry. Some even bought the paid plan. Despite the fact that Neil Patel did not experience more money coming in, he did see more traffic coming in.

The point is,

Look out to your clients, customers, and coworkers during pandemics. In return, they will thank you for it in some way or another. Most importantly, you’ll see growth in other areas such as brand awareness,  customer loyalty, organic traffic, social media engagement.

Shift Everything Online

There is no surprise that everything is moving online due to lockdown and travel restrictions. According to a Forbes article, there is a spike in businesses that:

  • Want to update or create websites
  • Create social media campaigns
  • Tend to allow home-based work
  • Focus more on e-commerce trends

It is the perfect time for you to improve your online presence. For this, you should automate your services, mode of communication.

For example, if you deal with the Healthcare and Wellness industry, implement an online software that allows the staff of your hospital/clinic and patients to perform many activities online.

A well-developed software tool helps:

  • Track patient data like symptoms, histories, vitals, and other medication
  • Manage your daily tasks of operating a medical facility online
  • Register patients, record their health information
  • Automate administrative operations
  • Secure the transmission of e-prescription, medical test requests among pharmacies, hospitals.
  • Avoid adverse drug interactions and verify patient credentials
  • Manage approved medication lists, dispensing workflows, inventories, and compliance
  • Support your employees’ work-from-home needs.

To develop such software for your business irrespective of industry, call +1-647-200-3318 and talk to our experts. Need help with Software Development Solutions or Website Development Services for your businesses. Talk to our experts.

Invest in Facebook Ads

Many people are spending time at home and on social media like Facebook due to lockdown. So, Facebook has become an optimum platform to let people know that your business is alive and that you are able to serve them even during this tough time.

Why Facebook Ads?

  • Facebook Ads are quite affordable
  • It is suitable for local small businesses to scale up
  • It helps you showcase any changes you have made to your business
  • It is ideal to tell people about any COVID-19-exclusive discounts or promotions
  • Facebook Ads are engaging and well-targeted

Creating regular relatable posts needs to is an important ingredient of your Facebook marketing strategy. While social distancing is the norm across Canada, you must narrow the gap between your business and customers. Chat with customers. Reply to their query. Clear their doubts if they have any. Try to know what they are looking for; where they stay; what their budget is.

Facebook features audience targeting capabilities, which allow you to reach customers based on location, gender, hobbies and interest, profession, marital status, and the list goes on.

The pandemic has reduced the CPM (cost per thousand impressions). So it is the best time to invest in a good Facebook ads strategy. It will be an affordable way to generate leads and sales.

Please note that Facebook ads bring the best results when they are consistently repeated. So, try managing your Facebook page during or after the coronavirus pandemic.

Paid Advertising Channels

PPC ads are the way to go right now. However, avoid focusing all at once on LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads. Instead, you need to figure out where your target audience is hanging out. Based on it, focus most of your PPC efforts on channels where your audiences are present.

Let’s see these examples

  • Choose ads on Google if you have a more serious business like an addiction treatment facility
  • Instagram is the right place for a beauty business as your target audience is likely to be there
  • If you have a business-related service or tool like a keyword research tool, then go for LinkedIn

Apply Above Marketing Strategies to Survive and Thrive During COVID-19 Pandemic

While the world has been thrown into a coronavirus whirlwind, no doubt digital marketing is playing a pivotal role in helping businesses survive and thrive. Hire a pool of talented and experienced social media marketers who can let you apply solid digital marketing tactics. They will not just allow you to recover your loss, but also maintain a strong connection to your customers and give you a headstart against your competitors.

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