Startups & Technology Company Software Development

Translate your unique ideas into engaging software programs built for driving business growth today and tomorrow. Jivaso thrives on developing software for startups and technology Co. to prevent problems with a poor-class system. With us, you’ve opportunities to hire well-rounded, experienced developers to work on new products.

Our Solutions

Pave the way for innovative technologies with our expertise in software development for startup companies and small businesses. We build startups with ideas for complex and sophisticated systems.
Product Prototype Solutions

Jivaso helps you get your product prototype by creating a simple test version of your product in one or two options. We can either create a clickable prototype or prepare an MVP of a Minimum Loveable Product. We design a refined prototype of your product with limited resources and budget to demonstrate its core functionality and design, thereby helping you make a great pitch.

Technology Migration Solutions

Take advantage of our startup rescue software solutions and rebuild or enhance your product. Our technical experts audit codes with plans for improving, adding new functionality, or even completely building your products. We assist small businesses by bringing to them high-quality source code, assessing existing applications, identifying pain areas, understanding business goals, and then re-engineering and optimizing existing products.

Product Engineering Solutions

Jivaso delivers comprehensive product development software solutions for building, improving, and scaling products that truly cover the entire life cycle, from product development planning to project setup, project budget, resource allocation, product design, product manufacturing, product prototype, and pilot project. With our solutions, startups can bring better products to the market faster than other management tools.

IoT Devices & Wearable Solutions

The Internet of Things has changed customer’s lives at several levels. Jivaso team helps connect wearables to other smart devices. We create interactive apps, a business ecosystem around connected devices for engaging user experience. Our technical guys can help you in developing all-around IoT Applications, Device Management, Connectivity Management & Consulting.

Startup MVP Solutions

We design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate your business idea fast. We collect the maximum knowledge about the product before the development of the full-featured complicated solutions. Our business analysis team researches business models and market to help identify the most important features for the MVP. Then developers define a development roadmap and create customized MVP.

Mobile App Development Solutions

We thrive on building industry-specific mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows, or Hybrid platforms) for startups faster with pre-determined feature modules. More so, our skilled experts add technologies like augmented reality, blockchain to elevate your business security, employee productivity, and key operations. We hell you achieve success with our mobile strategy.

Latest Technology Solutions

Our team of experts is used to innovative technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. So, we are ready to support you with these trendy new technologies. Our talented and skilled engineers are able to handle the latest practice and help you rectify the digital side flawless of your business.

End-to-End Solutions

At Jivaso, we’re fully dedicated to providing small businesses with end-to-end software development solutions, including architecture design, analytics, UI/UX design, software development and implementation, quality check, deployment, and maintenance. Everything is done by Jivaso’s experienced technical experts to uncover the full potential of the latest technology.

Why Choose Jivaso for Startups & Technology Co. Software Development?

Jivaso Technologies is a fully managed and dedicated software development company in Canada. We serve clients worldwide. We create, envision, transform, prototype, test products, and business solutions to bring new opportunities for your business. Before stepping to implement any technology, our experts dive into your business, then drive innovations customized to your business needs.
Quality Approach

We help our clients to meet their “now” needs by laying a strong technical foundation and scaling it seamlessly whenever required.

Timely Solutions

Jivaso has never faced a deadline its team wasn’t able to meet. We never leave any chance for excuses about delays, but bring results!

Post-Release Service

Keep in contact for post-release support. We help integrate new features & technologies to scale your products to prolong its lifecycle.

Industry-Centric Service

We’re ready for industry-specific solutions, whether it’s construction, health, retail, insurance, travel, e-commerce, travel, sports.

Technology Expertise

Get more from us. We’re well-versed in the cloud, AR, VR, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, mobility, digital marketing, and more.

Agile Process

Jivaso takes all your feedback and requests into account for keeping up with the pace and delivering the best possible results.

See how customers are succeeding with Jivaso Solutions

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