Sports & Fitness Software Development

Jivaso tends to be a global leader in Sports & Fitness Software Development Solutions. We design graphic-rich, data-driven, and real-time sports & fitness management software in Canada for fitness clubs, golf clubs, gyms, athletic programs, sports betting operators, sports startups, and sports clubs.

Our Solutions

Jivaso’s sports software developers create a suite of sports & health management software, membership management software, sports betting apps, fitness club management software, sports event management software, and more.
Fitness Club Management Solutions

Jivaso programs fitness club management software to streamline workflow and improve operational efficiency, be it registration, scheduling, point of sale, payroll, billing. We customize fitness club management software for health, gym, yoga, dance, martial arts studios, and other facilities. We also offer property management solutions like access control, asset tracking, operations management, and inventory.

Membership Management Solutions

We develop membership management software in Canada, such as membership database module, enrollment applications, photo ID capture, member card generation, etc. We also engineer membership tracking applications, such as attendance, member stats, payment tracking, personalized marketing tools, and loyalty program management. So, we help enterprises to leverage the power of technology.

Kinesiology Software Solutions

We support educators, institutions, course curriculums, and health programs by giving kinesiology software solutions. Our program is suitable for fitness, health training, physical therapy, biomechanics. The software features 3D modeling and graphics for motion tracking, muscular, hand, eye, etc. The solutions include rendering, advanced audio capabilities, sensors, camera/audio software, AR/VR apps, etc.

Gym Management Solutions

Give strength to your business with Jivaso’s best gym management software that comes with different modules like gym membership management, automated daily tasks, wearable fitness technology, and more. Our development team designs modules to manage members, staff, track fitness performance, online coaching, diet and nutrition planners, and more.

Sports Event Management Solutions

Jivaso provides you with the ultimate sports event management software to control the race, team, betting club, or league. Whether it’s cycling, running, team adventure races, Jivaso covers everything with its sports event management software. We integrate different modules like online registration, ticketing, timing, emails, etc. into one sports event management tool.

Golf Management Solutions

Jivaso engineers custom golf software to cater to the needs of the golf industry. We simplify golf operations and maximize value with personalized apps for private golf clubs, public courses, resorts, and so on. We design custom touch-screen POS systems, mobile apps, tournament management tools. We also program various modules like course design, tee-boxes, terrain conditions, 3D graphics/animations.

Sports Betting Solutions

We develop sports betting apps and software with multi-channel capabilities across web and desktops, etc. Our software is suitable for all bet types such as Moneyline, parlays, total, in-play, etc. The software allows real-time bet tickers with integrations to 3rd party live sports. The program also comes with a fully interactive user portal integrated with a highly secure payment gateway.

Sports Analytics Solutions

We design sports analytics software with custom data capture to monitor any injury, training, and tactical game analysis. Our sports analytic solutions include pre/post-game analysis apps, sports video analysis tools (tagging, editing, viewing, etc.), motion/video analysis software, and sports performance tracking software. We also help manage large and complex data.

Why Choose Jivaso for Sports & Fitness Software Development?

Being an innovation-driven team, we thrive in engineering custom sports & fitness software and apps. Our proficient team of developers, designers are strict towards software development processes and methodologies. Moreover, we have on-demand professionals to help you navigate through your sports management technology challenges. This will help you reduce the go-to-market timeframe.
Experience Enabled

Jivaso has a team of technical professionals with years of experience in software solutions for the sports and fitness industry.

AI-Enabled Chatbot

We give a new way to the sports industry by designing AI-enabled chatbot to keep active engagement & manage any sports event.

Sports Specific Solution

Our team carves a niche in combing all segments of the sports industry to a single platform by agile software and app development.

Flexible Development Model

At Jivaso, we strive for providing you flexibility in developing sports & fitness software, which allows efficiency & significance.

Strict delivery timelines

Our team of professionals adheres to a strict delivery timeline and delivers projects on time without quality compromise.

Compliance Driven

Jivaso’s entire team is compliance-driven, adhering to security audits, government norms, regulations, and other audit compliances.

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