Retail & eCommerce Software Development

Create new opportunities for your retail or eCommerce business. Reach more customers & deliver individualized experiences with Jivaso’s comprehensive enterprise software suite. We provide excellent Retail & eCommerce software for commercial shops/plazas, C-store & grocery, brick & mortar shops, product/merchandise companies, and eCommerce.

Our Solutions

Deploy engaging mobile apps and e-commerce software suite to transform the shopping experience. Jivaso offers vast solutions related to eCommerce shipping, cash register tool, payment software, cart web development, cloud technology, and more.
Inventory & Logistics Solutions

We offer end-to-end enterprise e-commerce solutions to manage your inventory and logistics. Our cloud eCommerce solutions are designed for small & midsize businesses, featuring inventory management modules such as reporting analysis, vendor managed inventory, and lot traceability. Our developers master in customized logistics solutions that include third-party logistics API integration.

Mobile eCommerce Solutions

Jivaso’s skilled developers design comprehensive mobile-based enterprise eCommerce solutions, payment software, shipping software, shopping cart, retail cash register software, and more with an activated sense of our clients’ and their end- customers’ needs. We’re adept in developing end-to-end retail mobile applications and easily accessible shopping applications.

eCommerce Software Solutions

Our eCommerce software combines solutions for social media sites, and group buying marketplaces. We use API frameworks (REST and SOAP) for third-party integration for CMS, ERP, CRM. We create responsive e-commerce web and themes. Our CMS solutions divide data like prices, weights, and User Experience based on location, history, behavior, and user profiles. We integrate payment gateways for payment process solutions.

Shopping Cart Solutions

Our shopping cart web development solutions include shopping cart abandonment solutions. We create catalog features, branded category management, and multi-store and multi-lingual platforms. We can customize and integrate open source modules for OpenCardt, ZenCart websites. Our solutions also include easy integration with back-office portals and access to analytics reporting, traffic tracking, and conversion rate management.

Pricing & Promotion Solutions

Our retail & eCommerce software comes with pricing & promotion solutions. We offer AI-powered solutions that increase the speed of price execution, improve decision-making capabilities, manage and track prices on an ongoing basis across retail sales channels, increase margins, and maintain profits. Jivaso tailors pricing & promotion software for both B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions, offering real-time, up-to-date product reviews.

POS Integration Solutions

Jivaso’s POS systems for retail and eCommerce industry are of huge benefits. Our systems have unique features to handle expiry, perishability, and MRP. They work seamlessly with various forms of payment such as bank cards, checks, and mobile payments. They help you manage and track customers, inventory, payment, sales, stocks, barcode, invoices, cash, transactions. Our POS integration solutions also ensure system security & software management.

Context-Driven Customer Recovery

Jivaso helps you implement Context-Driven Services on your e-commerce website to understand customer’s needs and then create, maintain, and extend their profiles from a range of data sources. You can create, schedule, and measure the effectiveness of cart retargeting campaigns to win back visitors. Our solutions can help you by capturing and analyzing behavioral data across each customer’s commerce journey.

Sales Order Management Solutions

Collect real-time sales data with Jivaso’s sales order management software and improve ordering, fulfillment and delivery process. A holistic approach for the e-commerce and retail industry, we help manage sales activities, including entering quotes, fulfilling sales orders, creating shipments, and tracking prices. You can handle a complete sales order for faster billing with less administrative effort and accelerate complaints and returns processing.

Why Choose Jivaso for Retail & eCommerce Software Development?

At Jivaso Technologies, we believe that customers would like to try products at home in real size, and fit and you want a smooth and flawless selling and purchase process. So, we enable visual, interactive, highly engaging online virtual stores for Retailers and eCommerce companies and let shoppers purchase any products in confidence through augmented reality, directly from your eCommerce apps.
Mobile Commerce Apps

Jivaso creates mobile commerce apps, delivery apps, product tracking apps, (location-based) backed by cloud computing & secure gateways.

IoT Enabled Solutions

With expertise in IoT, our developers offer IoT-enabled eCommerce solutions & innovative retail software to make the sales personalized.

eCommerce Chatbots

Jivaso designs personalized chatbots for your websites to let you talk to customers and know their actual requirements.

AR-Ready 3D Products

Our 3D designers let you upload AR-ready 3D images of your products on the website to allow better looking for customers.

AR & VR Web & Apps

We build a powerful website and mobile applications for eCommerce & retail to allow 360- degree product display or art-gallery tours.

Compliance & Security

At Jivaso, we offer retail & e-commerce software solutions with the assurance of meeting software compliance and other security standards.

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