EaaS comparison with Remote Developer platforms such as Toptal or Turing?

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Comparative Analysis

Managed EaaSRemote Developer
Time to get Right Resources1 - 2 weeks1 - 2 weeks
Recruitment & Infrastructure Costs$0$0 - $500
Training Costs & Employee Benefits$0$0
Time to Scale Size of the Team48 hours - 1 week1 - 4 weeks
Professional Team ManagementYes No
Experts backed by Support TeamYes Some
Agile Development MethodologyYes Yes
Mutli-Domain ExpertiseYes Some
Project Failure Risk99% Success Rate Low
Quality GuaranteeYes Yes
Work Operations Tools Yes Some
Timezone AlignmentYes Some
CommunicationsSeamless Seamless
Disruption due to TurnoverNone Low
Continuous Learning PathYes No
Termination Costs$0 $0
Pricing2X 3X