Public Sector & Insurance Software Development

Jivaso helps insurance companies (public and private) simplify operations and leverage the capabilities of advanced technologies. We develop software for public and private insurers to bring efficiency, enhance profitability, mitigate challenges, and offer a seamless experience to both insurers and insured.

Our Solutions

Jivaso delivers smart insurance software solutions for settling claims fast, adding different policies, generating online quotes, digitizing processes, and crafting other engaging solutions.
Claim Management Solutions

Jivaso develops insurance claim management software to ensure efficient claims data collection, faster settlement, and filing claims online. It lets insurance companies manage the entire claims lifecycle, from creation to settlement. With our claim management software, insurers can automate claims processing, authenticate details, allow electronic submission, thereby improving reducing claim processing time and improving customer experience.

Document Management Solutions

Jivaso develops insurance document management software to bring security, privacy, and transparency in place. Our cloud-hosted software automates streamlining of documents, reducing complexity. It helps insurance firms and brokers organize, manage documents easily. It also allows improved workflow, claims processing, digital policy for better service for customers. Thus, you can store all documents in one place and manage them securely.

Compliance Software Solutions

Our software engineers program regulatory intelligence tools that automate processes and immediate actionable requirements. Our software can centralize, consolidate, automate and streamline processes, files, and communications relevant to insurers’ adherence to meet government standards and regulations. With it, you can respond to customer complaints, and ensure proper reporting of incidents to resolve them.

Risk Management Solutions

Jivaso builds Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software for insurance agencies that track Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) in real-time. KRI includes actuarial, catastrophic risks, credit risks, and alerting users for relevant preventative actions. Our software facilitates the tracking of all KRIs and notifies users about prevention actions via email, SMS, or push notifications.

Insurance Quoting Solutions

Our insurance software comes with the quoting module that combines custom underwriting algorithms for premiums calculation and qualitative risk assessment. Insurers, agents, or brokers can use predictive analytics to leverage statistical data and make critical decisions. Thus, you can allow policy buyers to get the estimated insurance quoted based on their requirements.

Mobile App Solutions

Jivaso designs hybrid & cross-platform mobile applications to place the power of self-service literally in customers’ hands. We also develop claims adjuster field apps integrated with API for rule-based access, customizable forms, real-time agent tracking, attaching, and cataloging photo evidence and payment processing. Our mobile application is helpful for customers and agents in many ways.

Dynamic Pricing Solutions

The insurance software designed by us allows insurance companies to provide precise pricing to their customers based on the insights collected from customers’ historical transactions and plans. The software enables insurance providers to increase retention ratio, reduce loss ratio, and lower acquisition costs. AI technology helps provide specific pricing with linear and non-linear algorithms.

Inspection & Commission Solutions

We design inspection software for insurance companies. With this, any insurance provider can automate the inspection process with data collection, background checks, checklists, and inspection reports. On the other hand, our commission software allows boosting insurance sales productivity as it facilitates automated commission-based incentive plans for salespeople.

Why Choose Jivaso for Public Sector & Insurance Software Development

Jivaso is a one-stop platform for insurance software development. We build customized software and mobile apps for life, health, vehicle, property, and liability insurance. We let you leverage the capabilities of emerging technologies, including IoT, AI, and Blockchain. Our developers build insurance software and mobile applications that use dynamic insurance rate algorithms.
Machine Learning & AI

Our ML and AI specialists power intelligent analytics solutions with ML and AI to enable insurers to act upon meaningful risk insights.

IoT and Telematics

The use of IoT & telematics facilitates the pre-assumption of claim events and make sure timely damage limitation.

Chatbots Implementation

With our specialty in chatbots, insurers can provide insurance knowledge and advice to policyholders anytime, anywhere.

Use of Mobility

We’re adept in mobility technology, which boosts the productivity of remote agents and allows unique user experience for customers.

Process Optimization

Jivaso’s expertise in ERP and BPM software optimizes the insurance business process and ensures effective & uninterrupted operations.

Legacy Systems Upgrade

Our priority to avoid out-of-date solutions and upgrade technologies to improve the bottom line of the insurance business.

See how customers are succeeding with Jivaso Solutions

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