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Common Challenges We Hear

These are the common asked questions or roadblocks which any SMEs come across in a fast evolving economy. It can be very stressful to decide whether to hire a Full-time, Part-time or Contract Employees to Support your Digital Growth Strategy.

We have an answer for YOU...

Revolutionizing the Industry with UNIQUE Performance and Value based Client Engagement Model focused on Driving "Real" Results.

Industry Challenge

Innovative Solution

We are NOT


mobile app development services

Value You Get

It will be no different than a typical office employee, but at significantly reduced cost, with no stress for employee management and someone who you can let go anytime if you don't see the results

Productivity Management

Daily Timesheet and Activity Lists. We will submit daily timesheets and activity lists consisting of tracked URLs and screenshots.

You will never be able to track the productivity of an office employee at this micro level, isn’t it? But we do, and deliver performance-based proven results.

Dedicated and ON-Demand Resources

We provide Dedicated Resources (Specialists) who work as your in-house employee. However, we often come across situations where customers need a team of specialists in different areas but can only afford to pay for one employee. Don’t worry, we got you covered with our On-Demand Resources!
Scenario 1: 360 Digital Marketing Services

We understand the core of Digital Services and we realize that you may need a Full-Stack Developer (60 hrs), SEO Specialist (50hrs) & Content Writer (50 hrs) in Month 1; and may need Graphic Designer (60hrs), Social Media Specialist (50hrs) & Content Writer (50hrs) in Month 2.

Scenario 2: Managed Technology Services

In case you are building an Ecommerce Platform and need 2x Developers, 1x Front-end Programmer, 1x Designer, 1x Scrum Master, 1x QA, we can provide full-time or on-demand resources as required within an allocated lot of hours.

How We Do It

Sample Scenario: If you pay CAD $4800 monthly for 160 hours a month. Within the purview of 160 hours, you can get access upto 3 resources within that month.


If you don’t fully utilize the allotted hours, you can carry forward to the following month. For Example, if you don’t use 30/160hours in Month 1, you can carry forward 30hours to Month 2.

Professional Project Management

You don’t need to deal with multiple employees, as we will provide you a Project Manager, who will be based locally, in the GTA region; and will be responsible for EVERYDAY collaboration, activity planning, tracking and performance reporting.

Free Trial

We offer a free trial where we work to deliver on an assignment for you. It can be related to Web Design/ Development, Content Writing, SEO, Graphic Design, UI/UX or choose from our variety of Digital Services. As part of our community support initiative, in order to help local businesses during COVID-19, we are also providing a FREE Audit of your Web Properties and Online Presence.

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Jivaso is the fastest-growing Digital Solution Provider based out of the Greater Toronto Region, Canada. We have delivered proven results to SMEs, Startups and Fortune 500 Companies.

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