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Get access to feature-packed & transformative mobility application development services at Jivaso and improve your business accessibility, strengthen customer engagement, transform the retail experience, and build brand awareness & recognition. Jivaso is the place where digital experts thrive, assisting the most admired companies on this planet by developing user-friendly mobility applications that matter.

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Next-Generation iOS Applications with Cutting-Edge Features

With an adept team of technical developers who have hands-on experience in Mac OS X framework, OS framework, and iPhone simulators, we provide cutting-edge IOS Application Development services to our clients that make them stand out from the crowd. Starting from establishing the right communication with our clients to foreseeing their end requirements, we heed every detail to deliver customized solutions to them. Deployment of the latest manual and automation Quality Assurance ensures that the end product is bug-free and errorless. At an initial stage, you get an accurate mobile app development cost estimate which makes choosing us easy for you.

As a full-stack iOS App Development company in Canada, Jivaso’s iOS app development process includes discovery (understanding your goal and visions), design (variety of wireframes, draft an application architecture), develop (developing customized applications), maintenance (regular app updates and maintenance to ensure maximum benefits). Our core iOS app development services include:

Multimedia Apps
Enterprise Apps
E-commerce Apps
Wearable/IoT Apps
Location Based Apps
Social Networking Apps
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Android Apps Development to Deliver Delightful Experience

An exquisite android application helps you grab the attention of many customers and while you try to achieve that you realize there’s a huge gap between having an idea of aesthetic screen design in mind and bringing that idea to life. Our UI/UX designers bridge this gap and sculpt your imagination into the screen without compromising on usability, seamless navigation, and intuitive product experience. While you strive to find the right development platform, we strive to provide you and your users a seamless experience along with the sense of security which is the foundation of every application at a reasonable mobile app development cost.

Having expertise in Android Application Development solutions for various industries, we are efficient in using a vast scope of android. We build Android applications for multiple domains, including Social Networking, Healthcare, Education, e-Commerce, Geo Location-enabled Apps, Banking, On-demand Apps, Real Estate and Entertainment. Our service as an android development company include:

Android UI/UX Design
Android Game Apps
Android Wear Apps
Custom Android Apps
Android App Integration
Enterprise Android Apps

Custom Mobility Application Development That Matters

Capture customers’ attention and boost brand awareness with Jivaso’s result-driven digital marketing services in Canada at unprecedented efficiencies. We deliver a series of marketing solutions right from Search Engine Optimization (SEO services) to Pay Per Click (PPC Management), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM services), Content Marketing Marketing Automation. With in-depth knowledge, we help you improve keyword rankings on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and others), get adequate website traffic, increase brand awareness, and file the top of your sales funnel with high-quality leads.

Our team of SEO, SMM and content writers work collaboratively and know how to engage your audience and keep the conversation going. Whether it’s a compelling curated content or original copy, we apply the words that matter. With our SEO and pay-per-click management services, you’ll see lots of traffic in future, making sure potential customers always find you. Since inception as a digital marketing solution company in Canada, Jivaso has served various brands from multiple industries, such as health, law, real estate, eCommerce, education, sports, entertainment & many more to achieve unprecedented success in the Digital Landscape.

High-end Windows Application Development Service

As a leading mobility application development platform, we leverage our resources to develop an eye-catching and easy to use application interface for Windows devices. Our developers incorporate outstanding functional capabilities to build a modern and sturdy Windows application. To enhance customer experience, we use advanced Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality technologies to provide realistic 3D animation and models to give your customers an insight into your product.

Developing a user-friendly interface is just the commencement of our journey with you, we also take the maintenance part into consideration and go above and beyond to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the application throughout with our exceptionally outstanding customer support facility. Our Windows developers build, test, deploy, support and scale. They enable us to launch new deployments. The range of Windows applications we develop are:

Game apps
Mobile GPS apps
Mobile payment apps
Social networking apps
Enterprise windows apps
Communication & messaging apps
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Cross-Platform Apps That Work Across All Platforms

Cross-Platform app development is one of the most sought services today predominantly because businesses can run them across multiple device platforms (such as iOS, Android, and Windows Platform). Our developers are acquainted with the UI requirements and guidelines that are necessary for building a multiple platform app. They also have deep knowledge of navigating the cores of the platform to make sure that the app is handy for all engines.

Code reusability, quicker development time, easier implementation, sameness, and uniformity across all platforms, optimization of mobile app development costs are the advantages that make the cross-platform app appealing. Jivaso’s possess a strong base in the cross-platform mobile application development technologies. With us, you can stay updated with the latest trends. The cross-platform development services offered by Jivaso comprise:

Custom cross-platform application
Cross-platform apps re-engineering
Application management and maintenance
AI-Based cross-platform applications
GPS and map integration with geo-fencing
Application migration and upgradation

Hybrid Application Development Solutions

Avail profound solutions for cutting-edge hybrid applications at Jivaso, a leading hybrid mobile app development company. We’re committed to complete hybrid app development services, ranging from key ideation to enhancement, building, testing and backing & upkeep. Our app development specialists engineer high-performing hybrid applications that can convey astounding commitment and transformations across gadgets, platforms, businesses, and crowds. With their help, you can have custom apps suitable for B2B, B2C or B2B2C.

No matter the industry you’re associated with, we can develop hybrid apps to meet your needs. Our process of app development includes understanding the mobile platform, examining the architecture, setting up hybrid app solutions, dealing with multiple platforms, sharing practical code strategies, testing the applications, getting approval from App stores. The technology we use enables our apps to function on multiple platforms with the same content and functionality. Our offerings include:

Hybrid application development
Hybrid application structure
React native app development
Enterprise app development
Migration and upgrade solutions
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AI-Powered Application to Achieve Online Success

Integration of Artificial Intelligence with other advanced technology has been delivering astonishing results since its inception. The supremacy of AI has inspired us to emulsify it with mobility application development to revamp the experience of android and iOS mobile application users. The flexible architect of our AI-powered app lets you deploy computation in a desktop or mobile device or server with a single API. Its agility in building a cognitive search and a content analytics engine is beyond imagination.

With Jivaso’s AI application development services, you gain a high level of accuracy and customer satisfaction along with advanced AI capabilities. You can build highly scalable, cost-effective, and robust digital solutions. At Jivaso, we can help you design, develop AI-powered apps and web applications. We develop AI software for different industries like eCommerce, Transportation, Finance, and Healthcare. Solutions we can create using artificial intelligence:

AI-powered chatbots
Focused ad targeting
AI-sales & business prediction app
Facial recognition solution
Smart, virtual assistants
Image & pattern recognition

WebRTC Development To Secure Private Data

Securing private data is the most critical part of every business. With that in mind, Jivaso offers a complete WebRTC development solution that secures your data by preventing hackers from blocking or spying it. WebRTC typically is a free and open-source application framework. It uses a simple API for providing browsers and mobile apps the real-time communications (RTC) capabilities over peer-to-peer connections. Jivaso’s developers are skilled enough to provide WebRTC solutions, allowing smooth functioning of applications, such as file transfer, video conferencing, desktop sharing.

At Jivaso, we use different programming languages, including C, JavaScript, PHP (with Symfony), AS3. We also use tools and development environments such as vim for editing, Linux CentOS, git and SVN for versioning, visual Studio 2012, chrome debugger/console, Netbeans to edit, Wireshark, Grunt and PHPUnit for building and testing. With that in hand, we enable effectively yet real-time communication with the help of browser to browser app without downloads, installations and plug-ins. By using new technologies, we’re able to reduce app life-cycle costs, enhance overall productivity and earn clients’ satisfaction. Our offerings in WebRTC development include:

Adjusting to network conditions
Software & module development
Existing Solution Customization
Secure voice & video connections
High calibre of voice & video calling
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Frequently Asked Question

Jivaos has earned a reputable name when it comes to mobility app development companies in Canada. It gives a complete app development solution to business across the globe. The kind of mobility development apps developed by our experts is Native mobile applications, Hybrid applications, iOS, Android and Windows apps.

We can’t clearly say that exact time. Averagely, the process of developing enterprise-level apps can take 2 to 4 weeks. However, the duration majorly depends on the complexity of the app and the features that would like to add to it.

As a top rated web development company, We can’t generalize the time required to build different kinds of websites, mainly because the time required to design and develop a website completely depends on the complexity and size of the website.

A basic website, consisting of very few information, would merely require a time span of two to three weeks to complete whereas, an eCommerce website, consisting of homepage, landing, product, collection, blog pages would take up to or more than a month to finish.

The reason for this time stretch is the extensive testing procedures that need to be finished before putting your website on the internet.

Jivaso is backed by a very experienced and talented team of developers. Our team thoroughly analyzes your requirements, then executes a plan to meet those requirements. They prepare a blueprint, they prepare the wireframe design for the applications according to the guidelines of Google and Apple. They check each module attentively and make sure if the app meets the required functionality. Then, the apps are delivered to clients.
Jivaso develops a wide range of mobile applications ranging from entertainment, utilities, social networking, finance, productivity, weather, business, children, and gaming.
Yes, Jivaso develops cross platform mobile applications. The applications developed by us are customer cross-platform app, AI-based cross platform apps, cross-platform apps re-engineering, GPS and map integration. Besides, we also provide cross platform migration and upgradation.
At Jivaso, we primarily involve three stages in mobility app development process:
  1. The first stage includes plan execution once we completely understand your business and your main objectives of mobile apps.
  2. This is the development and design stage where we create character models (2D or 3D), designs, sound effects. On this stage, we also test the app and remove any error or bug from the app.
  3. The third stage is the final one. At this stage, we mark the launch of the app followed by the marketing of the app.
The cost of any mobile apps, be it iOS app, Android app, WIndows app or hybrid app, depends on its complexity and the features. The prices are also subject to the types of graphic used, the platform chosen, sound effects and so on. In order to know about the hybrid mobile app development cost estimate, it is advisable to send us your requirements. Our experts will get back to you shortly.
A cross-platform mobile application is designed to be compatible with various mobile operating systems. Before this, the mobile application was built for each mobile operating system (OS). The cross platform mobile applications are the process of developing apps that can be published or deployed on multiple platforms using a single codebase, instead of developing the app many times by making use of respective native technologies for each platform.
A native mobile application is a type of app which is developed for a certain device such as smartphone, tablet, etc. Users can get native apps through an online store or marketplace such as Android Apps on Google Play. The most suitable examples of a native app is KeePassDroid for Android devices and Camera+ for iOS devices.

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