Media & Entertainment Software Development

Jivaso offers media and entertainment software solutions for entertainment clubs in Canada. With in-depth industry knowledge, our programmers code impactful software, including gaming applications, media apps, digital SCM, ERP /CRM solutions, and more. Deploy our multimedia software and expand product reach to audiences.

Our Solutions

We develop visually impressive and feature-rich software for media and entertainment companies. From customized mobile applications to digital asset management software, our solutions help you achieve your business goals.
Live Streaming Solutions

A top-rated interactive multimedia software company in Canada, Jivaso designs edge cutting programs that come with potential live streaming software capabilities, multi-camera operations, virtual sets, web streams, etc. This enables digital media creators to reach their audience faster and easier than ever before. Jivaso also offers mobile and web-based media players to play common video files.

Music Software Solutions

Jivaso’s media and entertainment experts develop software and apps with features such as MIDI playback, equalizers, etc. We also give multi-platform support by offering native and cross-platform music apps for iOS and Android users. Our software has various features like audio library management & unlimited storage capacity. Implement them to be the best audio-producing solutions for your business.

Digital Audio Workstation Solutions

We build custom digital audio workstation (DAW) software with added features for arranging, recording, and editing professional music without any hassle. Our desktop and mobile-based DAWs come with extensive recording, editing, and playback capabilities. This allows digital media creators to have the tools needed to produce high-quality productions.

Desktop Publishing Software

Make creating, editing, and designing for print a seamless process with Jivaso’s custom desktop publishing solutions. Also, boost your brand exposure with our responsive-design publication tools integrated with social media tools. Our developers build publishing formatting tools and interactive multimedia software for custom branding, content protection, photo rendering, and more.

Publishing CMS Solutions

With our advance knowledge and expertise, we offer publishing CMS solutions for all forms of digital publications. Our digital publishing solutions come with easy administration, powerful publishing tools, SEO-friendly features, social media integration, detailed analytics, multi-platform capabilities, and more. We design CMS applications using advanced tools.

Photography Software Solution

Jivaso offers easy-to-use photography software solutions to meet the needs of the media and entertainment industry. Our photo studio management system is tailored to meet digital media needs, billing and payments, appointment booking, customer CRM, and photo editing features. The software also comes with editing and filters tools, resolution editing, user-friendly design.

Video Production Solutions

We offer you high standard live video production software that comes equipped with features to meet the media & entertainment industry. Our film & video production management software is customized to cater to the specific needs of any film producer. Also, we offer video editing software with an array of features for digital media creators.

Media Player Solutions

We offer smart media player solutions with custom features for playback control, visualization, search, and more. The solutions include video streaming software wit high functionality to stream your videos live and video code programming with editing suites supportive of H.264, MPEG-4, and so on.

Why Choose Jivaso for Media & Entertainment Software Development?

When you partner with Jivaso Technologies, you’ll feel ecstatic for having a partnership with an eminent media & entertainment software development company in Canada. Our entertainment app developers can provide you with the best solutions by employing robust technologies. They build software and applications based on your demands. They never miss a chance and remember to make things happen.
On-Demand Media Apps

Building online music and video playing/streaming apps with custom user interfaces, advanced administration panels, scalable analysis.

AR and VR Based Apps

We create AR/VR based apps for booking, reservations, ticketing services, high-quality photo-realistic renders. Also, we build apps.

AI-Based Media Apps

Backed by artificial intelligence (AI) specialists, we create AI-based apps like photo editing apps, personalized news & blog apps, etc.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our mobility solutions are specially designed for publishing & media houses, gaming industry, eCommerce, and sports channels.

Custom ERP Solutions

Jivaso offers ERP solutions and creates data management apps, budgeting apps, etc. It allows media & entertainment help in your facility.

Machine Learning Chatbots

Creating machine learning website chatbots, social media-based chatbots in real-time to let you quickly respond to your customers.

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