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IoT Application Development Services

Uplift your Digital Business Journey by making your devices smarter using our IoT Applications.

 Leverage the Power of Data and Stay Connected with Smart devices

Internet of things (IoT) is a system of connecting smart devices through the internet to share and receive data. It involves mechanical devices, sensors, home appliances, vehicles, apart from desktop, mobile, and laptop. IoT app development develops a platform to communicate between people-people, people-things (objects) & things (objects)-things (objects).

Rapid advancements and innovations in IoT technology is impacting homes, businesses, and environments across the globe. Companies across industries must opt for IoT based solutions to generate revenue streams, transform service quality, and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the company.

With years of experience and networking best practices, our developers offer customized M2M/IoT software development services, including embedded software, cross-platform apps integrated databases to support smart initiatives from the wide industries ranging from security to the home automation to industrial automation that can transform business operations and change people’s lives.

We know how to transform your “Devices” into “Smart Connected Devices.” Our AI-driven approach helps you attain your business goals and become more efficient. Our team works closely with you at every phase of the product development cycle — from initial white boarding and wire framing to API definition, software integration, testing, and product launch.


IoT Apps Development

Jivaso is a leading wearable app development company that builds personalized IoT applications for wearable devices like fitness wearable software, smartwatch app development, safety, and security wearable software solutions etc.

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Asset Tracking Apps

Manage your assets easily with Jivaso’s much more relaxed with IoT-enabled asset tracking solutions, which helps you to track your equipment and fleets, enabling your business to reduce risk, save money, and create new revenue options.
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IoT Sensor Development

We develop intelligent IoT application development services include pressure sensors, temperature sensors, water quality sensors, gas sensors, smoke sensors, etc. which collect data from surrounding environments like location tracking.

IoT Integration

We are capable of integrating heterogenous data sources and further processing it for data analytics. Our app developers are acquainted with using the IoT technology to provide innovative and secure IoT app solutions


IoT Cloud Platforms

Our IoT solutions help you connect your device, receive, send, process, and analyze data to the cloud platform.
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Automation Apps

Jivaso develops smart applications using a variety of IoT technologies for efficient real-time warehouse inventory management
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Dedicated IOT Team

Jivaso has a dedicated and reliable team of IoT developers experienced in framing your IoT strategy and materializing it.

Smart Homes & Cities

Jivaso offers a wide range of services in IoT software development for smart home and smart city projects. We build prominent embedded software solutions for consumer appliances, smart buildings, government services, etc. We provide a complete set of IoT application development services from strategy and consulting to end-to-end implementation and integration of IoT into the client’s infrastructure. This data helps them to improve infrastructure, public utilities and services, and more.

  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Heating
  • Smart Gardening
  • Video Doorbells
  • Smart Home Appliances
  • Personal Assistance
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Air Pollution Management
  • Transport & Traffic Management
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Emergency services

Smart Retail Solutions

Jivaso’s IoT embedded software solutions give a good technology makeover to the retail sector. Retailers have started adopting IoT solutions across a number of applications that boost store operations, increasing purchases, reducing theft, enabling inventory management, and enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. Through IoT physical retailers can compete against online challengers more strongly. They can regain their lost market share and attract consumers into the store, thus making it easier for them to buy more while saving money.

  • RSupply Chain Optimization
  • RSmart Shelves
  • RWarehouse Automation
  • RDelivery Automation
  • RFoot-Traffic Monitoring
  • RSmart Inventory Management

Healthcare Applications

Our smart healthcare applications help you stay fit as our futuristic IoT-connected devices are here. Fitness trackers help you track your daily activities such as sleeping patterns, heart rate, patterns of activity, statistics of workouts, calories burned, etc. Our developers build customized smart applications ranging from remote monitoring equipment to advance and smart sensors to equipment integration. It helps improve patient engagement and satisfaction due to frequent interaction with physicians. We provide pocket-friendly solutions for both the patient and healthcare professional.

  • RHealth & Safety Solutions
  • RRemote Patient Monitoring
  • RContinuous Glucose monitoring
  • RAutomated insulin delivery
  • RConnected Inhalers
  • RPatient Assistance

Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0/IIOT

We provide a complete set of IoT application development services for Industry 4.0. IIOT serves the concept of the digital transformation of the production ecosystem through robotics and sensors. We analyze the specifics of the industrial environment and develop reliable software solutions to improve efficiency, safety, and control on the premises. Our developers had built several customized smart applications for smart manufacturing and agriculture.

  • RProduct Asset Management
  • RSupply Chain Management
  • RLogistics
  • RTransportation
  • RProcess Excellence
  • RPerformance Optimization
  • RSafety/Security
  • RLifecycle Management

Smart Agriculture

After witnessing technological transformations in the agriculture industry, we believe that IoT could be the primary source of efficiency for smart agriculture. We help farmers, supply chain logistics professionals, field equipment manufacturers, soil engineers, etc., with our intelligent software development solutions that can change the way things work in this industry.

  • RProduction Risk Management
  • RWaste Management
  • RCost Management
  • RProcess Automation
  • R Improved Product Quality
  • RGreenhouse automation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is unique about the Jivaso solution?

As a leading IoT apps development company, Jivaso understands the current IoT ecosystem and technological innovations trends and has a laser-focus on the future of the industry. Our IoT solutions are already market-ready and are already deployed to meet the demands of high-volume certificate issuance with no lead time required.

Will I be getting any technical assistance after project completion?

Yes, we will be there for free technical support after we deliver the project to you. In case, if you face any technical issue, our professional support team is there to answer you anytime.

Will I get regular updates related to my project?

Yes, our project manager is always connected with you to offer regular project updates. We also provide you personal assistance so that you can clarify your queries at any stage of development.

Do you have hire models for IoT apps development?

Yes, we do offer several hiring options to our clients according to their business needs, which includes full-time, part-time, and dedicated developers hiring opportunities. After listening to your requirements, we suggest the best option for you that meets your project goals.

What is IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the platform that connects the network of devices to the Internet to receive and share data without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

I have to develop an app for IoT, Can Jivaso help me?

We are a leading IoT app development company and dedicated to providing advanced IoT solutions and applications that help you to get the maximum benefits of this technology. Just share your specifications with us, and our IoT experts will suggest the best possible solution for your business.

How cost-effective is it to implement IoT solutions?

A prominent IoT solution has the potential to increase the ROI of businesses. Organizations and companies that have adopted the IoT framework have demonstrated improvements in the operational efficiency and profit margins.

Will Jivaso assist me in launching my IoT app on the App Stores?

Yes, we do. As part of our mobile app development process, we will deploy your IoT app on the App Stores. So, there is no place of doubt regarding the app deployment part, we will take care of it.

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