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Tailor-Made Energy & Utilities Software Development

Impose strict control over energy & utility distribution. Implement cutting-edge management solutions to your energy and utility business. Jivaso’s advanced Energy & Utilities Software is customized to cater to the requirements of utility companies, energy software providers, and energy equipment manufacturers.

Our Solutions

Jivaso develops comprehensive energy & utility mobile apps and web application solutions to meet the growing technical needs of heating systems, heating plants & more.

Utility Management Solutions

Capture accurate data such as cost and consumption. Reduce the cost & balancing energy needs in the organization of your energy portfolio. Deploy tools for proper assistance in tracking, performance, and documentation monitoring. Everything is possible with Jivaso’s comprehensive utility management solutions. Our developers are industry experts and build custom and cutting-edge utility management software.

    Heat Software Solutions

    Jivaso’s range of heat software solutions encompasses heating system design software, health monitoring software to track energy usage and monitor climate conditions. We build energy management software integrated with database tools, renewable energy heat sources, piping system modeling, and utility mobile apps (UI, UX, Real-tine updates) to ensure efficient use of utilities.

    Electric Management Solutions

    Jivaso offers electric management software integrated with Distribution Management Systems (DMS) to manage energy & utility needs. We create electrical estimating software, develop custom mobile apps, create document management systems, and more to monitor the performance of power transmission equipment and ensure efficient utilities use. Our solutions are ideal for private houses, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

    Smart Grid Technology Solutions

    Jivaso engineers advanced smart grid software for grid transmission, distribution, and more, thereby meeting the demanding needs of the energy & utilities industry. Our software lets you reduce energy consumption, maximize grid operation, get real-time status notifications, and analyze & manage data. The software also features automatic detection of resources, meter reading, and advanced metering infrastructure.

      Water Management Solutions

      Our industry-experienced developers build scalable software products to accurately manage drinking water, wastewater & stormwater at any water treatment plant. Besides, the software is also equipped with features of quality monitoring such as pollutant identification, sample management, and billing like automated billing & invoicing, mobile payment option, and other payment processes.

      Solar Software Solutions

      Our team of experts program software to optimize the management of solar systems like creating solar resource assessments, advancing site-specific energy forecasts, monitoring multiple projects, viewing energy usage, and reducing travel time. Jivaso’s solar software is suitable for small and low functioning management systems to ensure optimal energy management.

      Waste Management Solutions

      Jivaso’s cloud-based waste management software comes equipped with features of container tracking, waste management plans, handheld scanners, waste source location tracking, real-time GPS monitoring, fleet route planning, source reduction & more. The tool is also useful in the collection, transportation, and disposal of wastes. It monitors sustainability initiatives and keeps records of waste descriptions, properties, disposal methods.

        Wind Management Solutions

        We construct notable wind software solutions like wind farm site design, wind speed forecasting & more. The software assists in analyzing wind speed, turbulence, environmental restrictions, checking real-time monitoring of wind through graphic interfaces. Besides, the software also records important information, including building permits and provides wind farm efficiency calculators & supervisory controllers.

        Why Choose Jivaso for Energy & Utilities Software Solutions?

        While the energy and utilities industry is transforming and agility has become a competitive advantage, Jivaso creates customizable, real-time, and scalable software to streamline the process of your Energy and Utility business. Our developers, designers, and AI & VR professionals work collaboratively to give you the power to quickly address the latest technology trends by developing custom software and helping you meet your goals of energy efficiency improvement.

        Safe & Secure Data

        We keep your data safe from cyber threats by accessing control, covering data encryption, detecting intrusion, and much more.

        Data and Analytics

        Our experts help the energy & utilities industry by optimizing key processes, resolving challenges & managing assets for increased ROI.

        Real-time Control

        With our smart sensor networks, we provide real-time control over your infrastructure to avoid downtime and monitory consumption.

        UI/UX design

        Jivaso gives you the ability to view your data in customizable dashboards or conveniently manage your resources from anywhere anytime.

        AI & ML

        With Jivaso’s ML and AI-based platforms like chatbots, you can handle routine customer requests by applying predictive modeling tools.

        Location-based services

        No matter where you are on the planet, we can reach you anytime to deliver you optimum class energy & utility services and solutions.

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