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Consumer Packaged Goods Software Development

Leverage the benefits of tailor-made consumer packaged goods software developed by Jivaso. We build software solutions for CPG manufacturers and distributors to meet the constantly evolving needs of today’s industry.

Our Solutions

Jivaso develops and implements consumer packaged good software to redefine marketing, streamline operations, optimize work-flow, boost sales, and help CPG businesses become more self-reliant and efficient.

Inventory Management Solutions

The CPG software developed by Jivaso gives comprehensive solutions for order & management, product track & trace, ASN/EDI integration with retailers, inbound & outbound shipments. You can handle every task – sales orders, blanket orders, website orders, inventory across stores, wholesalers, manufacturing facilities, and distributors. You can also ensure to prevent stock-outs, have predictive forecasting, and optimization.

    Product Development Solutions

    Jivaso develops software that can forecast raw material requirements, predict the demand for products, optimize manufacturing workflow, track systems, and maintain product quality. It offers end-to-end flexible solutions to track consignments of raw materials, streamline product development processes, trace finished, and packaged products and meet a variety of other requirements.

    Sales & Marketing Solutions

    Easily manage sales quotations, marketing, shipment notifications, product discounts, pricing, returns, and distribution – everything with Jivaso’s software suits. Our software handles a variety of other functions like it can automate and streamline sales-related tasks, boost trade relationships with consumers & vendors, manage credit and debit process, and track shipped goods & consignments.

    Staff Management Solutions

    Our software comes with mobility & cloud support, notification systems, seamless interdepartmental collaboration, and features to keep track records of employees, their achievements, performance, human resource & payroll functions. Jivaso’s staff engagement software solution also lets consumer packed goods companies optimize staff performance and increase employee engagement.

      CRM Solutions

      Deploy custom solutions to enhance sales prospects, handle customer relationships, manage orders across every sales channel, minimize out-of-stocks with Jivaso’s holistic CRM (customer relationship management) solutions. Our CRM software lets you keep records of customers, resolve issues of consumers, answer their questions, analyze their behavior, boost engagement, and collect data about customers.

      Materials Management & Procurement

      Our Materials Management & Procurement solutions help identify the quality of raw materials, synchronize the supply and demand ratios, reduce costs involved in procuring materials, improve collaboration with suppliers and vendors. Our software comes with a dashboard to track vendor performance, manage multiple vendors, and get valuable insights into trends and developments.

      Transportation & Logistics Solutions

      Apply the best transportation and logistics solutions offered by Jivaso and automate your transportation management, warehousing, shipping, and other logistical functions to monitor the flow of products from suppliers to end-users. Our cloud-based software also has reporting tools, analytics dashboards, etc. to obtain real-time insights into your inventory.

        Retail Analytics Solutions

        With Jivaso’s retail analytics software, bring together all the aspects of your CPG business and make profitable decisions. Our software tool lets you have effective data management, automated insight generation, and data collection. You can access data from other retail systems, and visualize & analyze the data to generate insights.

        Why Choose Jivaso for Consumer Packaged Goods Software Development

        When you partner with Jivaso, you partner with a global consumer packaged goods software development company. We have excelled both in facilitating and sustaining excellence in the software development for CPG manufacturers and distributors. Jivaso delivers complete solutions, ranging from factory design to work-flow optimization, from product life cycle management to asset management, from quality management to compliance management, and from inventory management to logistics management.

        Analyze Your Requirement

        Jivaso discovers, analyzes, and understands your business objective, then steps ahead and develops a customized CPG software solution.

        Technology Selection

        Our developers build software based on your requirements and remove grunt work, reduce risks of errors, and create fast solutions.

        Software Development

        With developers, designers, 3D artists, and other professionals, we plan and execute full-fledged software, suitable for CPG companies.

        Quality Check & Testing

        Before implementation, experts run interactive tests on code modules using agile methodology to deliver truly marketing-ready software.

        Integration & Implementation

        The implementation is done after ensuring that the software solution is totally integrated with your existing systems.

        Upgrade & Maintenance

        Jivaso believes in perfection. So, we integrate additional enhancements in the form of updates and software patches to accept changes.

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