Immigration & Legal Software Development

Jivaso’s immigration & legal software modernizes law firms, empowers immigration consultants, and innovates the ways agents perform their duties. Our all-in-one legal software solution and mobile apps cover legal case management, litigation support, investigative case management, and legal mobile apps.

Our Solutions

Whether it’s remote access, mobile synchronization, legal document management, or maintaining details of immigration candidates, Jivaso’s gives you a one-stop-platform with easy access.
Software Solutions for Law Firms

Jivaso’s programmers design software for law firms that combines case & matter management, attorney practice management, e-discovery, data prevention, courtroom system organization. Our lets you communicate with clients, access files, and manage law practice anytime. It’s compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop and covers several legal areas, including divorce, bankruptcy law, criminal law etc.

Software Solutions for Immigration

Our software solutions for immigration come with various features such as billing & invoicing, calendar management, document management, email management, expense tracking, task management, trust accounting, and time tracking. Implement it to simplify your work, automate processes. The software allows flexibility in adjustments and customizations of forms and tools to accommodate various needs.

Virtual Law Firm Solutions

Jivaso helps you increase efficiency, reduce unneeded communication with clients through virtual law firm solutions. Our programmers build platforms for virtual law companies that include user & client portals, web and video conferencing, collaboration tools. We can also help in managing the litigation phase by building customer e-discovery software tools for processing and reviews.

Title Management Software

Jivaso’s title management software lets you simplify the title management process. It’s an optimum option for title production. You can search, scan, upload, download, and manage documents online. The software is suitable for order management, title rate management, and settlement standards. We program e-closing title software applications for web-based, cloud (SaaS), and mobile platforms (native, cross-platform, & hybrid).

Immigration Consultant Solutions

At Jivaso, we endeavor to help every immigration consultant by designing software. Our cloud-based software can deliver a comprehensive collection of authorization for Employers to Release Information, Confirmation Letter, Client Information Request, Intake Form, Referral Letter, Fax Cover Sheet, Transmittal Letter, and Biographic Information Attachment. Get in touch for more information.

Compliance Software Solutions

The compliance software by us is suitable for all organizations to meet various laws, regulations, and standards. We help businesses plan, organize, control, and lead activities that meet the law of the land. We engineer compliance software for any industry to ensure that our clients understand their compliance responsibilities and use them in the business process.

Case Management Solutions

With our law enforcement case management software, you can centralize all project and case information. The software integrates various data collection sources, like phone calls, emails, SMS, documents. We also build centralized database functions, including case data management, search & filter controls, import & export of data, role-based access control, etc. Jivaso’s legal case management software includes task assignments, custom workflow management, staff scheduling, time management, etc.

Investigative Software Solutions

Jivaso builds investigative case management software that automates the investigative process of your systems, entities, or reports. This helps you investigate cases related to finances, compliance, operations, taxes, and so on. We develop investigation case management software in one comprehensive framework, thereby allowing a complete audit lifecycle, ranging from planning to recommendation application.

Why Choose Jivaso for Immigration & Legal Software Development Solutions

At Jivaso, we give complete solutions when it comes to immigration and legal software development. We build different types of legal software, such as legal practice management software, legal case management software, workflow library, legal accounts software, legal document management software, cloud computing for law firms, legal time recording software, litigation costs management software.
No Geographical Boundary

Jivaso has the ability to code immigration and legal software irrespective of where you are in the world. No geographical boundary!

Committed to Quality

Building software takes teamwork & a solid commitment. Our team works collaboratively to fulfill your needs & serve in the best manner.

Expertise in Several Areas

We build legal software for any area like finance, immigration, wills, the court of protection, employment, legal aid, debts, etc.

Software by Modules

Jivaso develops legal software with modules: CRM & Marketing for law firms, Anti Money Laundering, Mobile App, Complaints in law firms.

Key Strength

Our key strength includes excellence in service, communication, industry best practice to serve clients in an excellent manner.

Solutions for All

We deliver immigration & legal software solutions for all, whether you’re a solo practitioner, small law firm, or mid-sized law company.

See how customers are succeeding with Jivaso Solutions

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