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Hire Social Media Marketing Experts for Your Business

Hire Social Media Marketing experts from Jivaso to grow your global footprint, build recognition and credibility, engage audiences, and inspire people to buy your products and services – everything through different social media platforms. We are a trusted Canadian digital marketing agency, established in Toronto to connect you to experienced Social Media Marketing experts and Social Media Management professionals.

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Why You Should Hire Social Media Marketing Experts

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is crucial to the success of any small and medium-sized business. Tough competition has accelerated the SMM adoption. Social Media Experts have multifaceted skill sets. When you hire a social media expert, you step ahead towards driving consumers, revenue, and reaching new heights. Here is why your business needs social media marting experts.

  • Sales/Leads: You should hire social media marketers because of their considerable expertise in turning followers into customers and improving conversions.
  • Tracking & Measure: Before rounding up any sales, you need solutions to track it. Experts help setup Facebook pixels, remarketing audiences, conversion tracking codes to track product views, sales.
  • Leading to Success: There are countless ways to SMM but not all lead to success. Hiring social media experts will enable you to choose the right way and implement the most effective SMM strategies.
  • Quality Work: Beyond just a few basic images and Facebook ads, other tactics are applied to keep social media profiles engaging. Experts apply those tactics to engage people with your business.
  • Lifelong Learnings: Social media algorithms change very often! Consistently staying up-to-date with the latest ones is unattainable. SMM experts keep up with the evolving field and plan accordingly.
  • Recognition & Credibility: Beyond acquiring sales, building your brand name is another concern. Hire a social media marketing expert today as they will help you earn recognition, credibility, and brand name.
  • Account Management: Checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram daily might be irksome. But, it’s important. Hire SMM experts to remove spam comments, respond to queries, and overall manage accounts.
  • Long Term Audience Growth: Marketing isn’t about quick satisfaction, rather long-term audience growth. Social media experts help build trust, credibility, and ensure long-term satisfaction for the audience.
  • Targeting: SMM experts know who is on what channels and at what time. They know users’ buying habits, interests, and more. So, they create target audiences perfectly for your brand.

Hire SMM Experts to Build A Simple Roadmap to Success

Social Audit

Hire expert social media marketing experts who conduct social media audits across all relevant social channels in order to make sure your social voice is being heard by the right audiences.

Sending Proposal

Once the concept is clear, SMM experts project an adequate SMM plan of action and set a timeline and budget, which is sent you to review and confirm. Once approved by you, the execution work begins.

Measuring Results

SMM experts understand the importance of measuring results correctly. They adopt several social media marketing success measurement tools to measure success and generate the most comprehensive reports.

Reviewing Campaign

Social media experts stay updated about the latest change and plan their actions accordingly. They review the SMM campaigns every now and then and employ changes to make sure the success of the campaign.


Social media marketing experts have a broad conceptualization of SMM strategies. First, they listen to you, analyze your requirements, ask queries, understand your SMM goals, then prepare a roadmap.

Plan Execution

Hire our social media marketing experts as they know how to execute a campaign to bring maximum results with minimum expense. They employ the latest SMM practices to achieve the top results.

3Ws and 3Hs Formula

Experts follow 3Ws and 3Hs concept. They ensure when to promote, what to promote, where to promote, how to promote, how much to promote, and how much to invest in a particular activity.


Our experienced experts maintain SMM campaigns in and out. They consider everything very seriously right from the beginning (target audience, target location, budget, campaign outcome) for a successful SMM campaign.

Hire SMM Experts for Popular Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin are among the most popular social media channels for your business. Hire out Social Media Experts for any of these social media platforms.


Facebook alone has 2 billion monthly active users. Hire our experts to reach your desired audience from them this audience through Facebook and grow.


With 400+ million active users, Pinterest is one of the best platforms to prompt your business and sell goods. Hire experts to create strategies for the Pinterest platform.


Instagram is the most engaging social media platforms. Experts can help you create an account and keep managing it. Over 60% of people use Instagram to buy new products.


Hire LinkedIn experts to reach up to 500 users. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform for business owners where you can get educated audiences with over 20+ age.


Twitter has 330 million users. It is used by everyone irrespective of age (18-64 years). Hire social media experts to build up relationships through this trusted social media channel.


Employ social media experts with YouTube marketing expertise. We help you engage with the potential audience on this channel by uploading quality and relevant videos.

In-depth SMM Services by Social Media Marketing Experts

Hire social media experts from Jivaso who are adept in social media promotion services for any social media platforms. Learn about our in-depth social media service deliverables.

PPC Campaigns

Our experts develop highly optimized paid campaigns to bring you quick results. In paid campaigns, we ensure the money you spend brings you more than its actual value.

Cover And Profile Photo

We take care of everything to improve brand awareness and send positive trust signals. One of the first steps is uploading the custom cover and profile photo or optimize the existing one.

Social Media Audit

Hire a dedicated social media account manager for creating smart strategies for your business with social media audits: reviewing posts, comments, user engagement, and behavior.

Competitor Analysis

Hire SMM experts to get unmatched insight into competitors’ performance and see their soft spots and opportunities for your business to launch the best social media campaign.

Social Media Posts

SMM Experts create unique posts for each popular social media channel to drive new followers, likes, or engage new subscribers for your business. Every goes live after your approval.

SMM Network Setup

Setting up SMM networks requires technical skills. Hire social media specialists to set up your business account on social media channels or optimize the existing one.

Managing Boosted Posts Ad

Our social media specialists will help you develop a custom ad campaign based on audience research, your company’s goal, product/services, and discussions with your digital marketing team.

Data-Driven Social Strategy

Our social media specialists are adept in artificial intelligence, machine learning software. They use these tools to develop data-driven strategies for SMM and achieves your goals.

Hiring SMM Expert With Jivaso Technologies

We offer flexible engagement options including monthly, part time, fixed cost hiring for you to choose from.

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