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Are you looking to Boost Your Sales Growth by Leveraging Digital Channels? Do you want to Generate High Quality Weekly Leads from Search Engine or Social Media Traffic? Request for Free Consultation to see How Our Paid Advertising Professionals can transform your Small & Medium-size Business. Our Smart Predictive Methodology will Allow You to Gain Visibility and Earn Qualified Leads. We offer Affordable Pricing and Flexible Engagement Model with On-Demand and Dedicated Remote Employee Solution.
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Hire PPC Experts for Platform-Based Paid Advertisement

Hire Experienced PPC Experts for Avant-garde Pay -Per-Click Advertising Solutions. Jivaso has Specialized Team of Toronto PPC Experts Focused on Search Engine Marketing and Social Advertising.
Hire Google PPC Experts

More than 90% of Internet users search on Google for online shopping. Leveraging Paid Google Ads, our Google PPC experts can get you most impressions with high conversion rate.

Hire Bing PPC Experts

Hire Bing PPC experts to enjoy more granular control at your PPC campaign and ad group levels without forcing any close variants on you.

Hire Facebook Ad Experts

Hire the most talented Facebook Ads specialists in Toronto from a large pool of proven experts to handle posts, ads, images, and run successful paid ads campaign on Facebook.

Hire Twitter Ad Experts

Hire Twitter ad professionals to manage your business Twitter account and drive more targeted traffic to your site, generate leads, and build brand awareness with Twitter ads.

Hire LinkedIn Ad Experts

Hire Linkedin ads experts with proven expertise in LinkedIn social media platform to manage your business account and implement the best-paid advertising strategies remotely.

Hire Pinterest Ad Experts

Hire a Pinterest ad campaign manager to promote your brand and get it noticed by millions of users on this social media platform. Hire experts on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis.

Hire Instagram Ad Experts

Hire Instagram Ads Experts to create and manage super engaging Instagram ads, drive awareness, increase customer base through visuals, and make campaigns more rewarding.

Hire YouTube Ad Experts

Hire top YouTube Ad Experts to scale your business, earn global recognition, grow your influence, boost lead, sales, and elevate the prospect of rapid success with paid YouTube ads.

Smart AI Methodology to Predict ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Our Smart PPC Methodology includes Intensive Keyword Analysis, Creative Ad Copy Creation, Optimized Landing Pages, Routine Campaign Performance Tracking, Remarketing Tactics and more. Hire Jivaso PPC Specialists holding expertise in diverse Internet Advertising Platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin. Key Strategies that our Best PPC experts employ are:
Initial Website & Business Audit

Our PPC management expert analyzes and understands your business niche, target markets, and current SEO status to formulate the PPC advertising strategy accordingly.

Competitor Analysis

Hire our SEO expert to have strategic insights on relevant keywords, ad copy, new competitors, and the overall performance of your existing competitors.

Previous Campaign Analysis

For a stronger insight on your pay per click campaign, our PPC expert team conducts previous campaign analysis based on which the campaign is optimized for more valuable results.

Campaign Set-Up

Based on the research of competitive landscape, top PPC experts structure keywords, and use compelling ad copy, create a powerful ‘call to action’ to set up your PPC campaigns.

Targeted Keywords Research

Use top keyword tools to search for profitable keywords based on search volume, competition, related terms by Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), and user intent to quickly discover potentially lucrative keywords.

Scalable Keyword Grouping

Creating a scalable group of keywords is important. These keywords are a batch of high-value keywords that are used in the website content to boost website authority on a niche topic.

A/B Testing

Our PPC Expert team runs PPC tests to gauge performance, ensure your traffic is more qualified and figure out which terms show the most promising results for use in the PPC campaign.

Negative Keyword Research

Hire PPC management experts as they detect negative keywords, and add them to the ad campaigns. This helps filter out unimportant traffic, save you money wasted on irrelevant ad clicks.

Audience Behavior Research

Jivaso Toronto PPC expert conducts audience behavior based on demographics, purchase history, repeat purchases, loyalty. This helps send the right campaign message to convey your information in the sales funnel.

Why Should You Hire PPC Experts For Your Business?

Jivaso PPC experts will endow you to spend your money with confidence on digital channels. Our PPC Specialists enable you to make data-backed decisions, assist your in-house team, and drive desired business results (better reach, increased traffic, higher conversions). Our PPC Management Experts takes 360-Degree Integrated Marketing Approach to bring foster real results, tactical lead generation, and sales revenue growth.
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Hiring PPC Expert With Jivaso Technologies

We offer flexible engagement options including monthly, part time, fixed cost hiring for you to choose from.
Dedicated Team

If you represent a company with a project that needs dedicated attention, ask about dedicated teams. Its’s a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract.

Fixed Price Model

If you represent a company with large well planned projects, ask about a fixed price model. It’s one time fixed price payment contract.


If you represent a company with undefined projects and need ongoing work, ask about hourly. It’s a pay-as-you-go hour wise rolling contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC experts are marketing professionals who manage pay-per-click ad campaigns. They perform various activities such as keyword research, metrics tracking, ad creation, conversions optimization, cross-team collaboration to maximize the results of your PPC campaign. Some of the key skills of PPC Specialists are analytical skills, time management, design expertise, organizational leadership, strategic capacity, decision-making skills.

Our PPC experts run PPC ads across the Internet. The most popular locations are Search Results and Thirst-party websites. Moreover, we also run PPC Ads on social media platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. While creating a PPC campaign, experts focus their efforts on the most valuable channels for your business. 

Hire PPC experts because they focus their efforts on the most valuable channels for your business. For example, if your customers use Facebook more than Twitter, then our PPC marketers choose Facebook for advertisement and are dedicated more of your ad budget to this platform.

Hire PPC experts to successfully use PPC Marketing and Google AdWords to increase sales revenue. PPC specialists will help you by setting out the right paid ad strategies to reach your target audience and acquire customers.  They help small and medium-sized enterprises by driving immediate results,  dramatically boosting website traffic, improving conversions, increasing sales and leads, helping customers make informed decisions, driving offline sales, increasing your brand recognition and brand awareness. 

Moreover, PPC professionals also help build your SEO, increase your customer attribution, gain market share, compete with larger businesses, break into new demographics and markets.

PPC strategies vary from business to business. When you hire PPC experts, they implement different techniques for your business. Some of the common strategies include:
  • Design mobile-first landing pages
  • Set a realistic advertising budget
  • Write compelling, benefit-rich ad copy
  • Use responsive search and display ads
  • Advertise on multiple platforms as mentioned above
  • Include ad extensions. A few useful ad extensions in Google Ads are: 
    • Add a message extension. It allows mobile users to chat with you
    • Add call extension i.e. add your phone number to a call extension, which allows users to call your business.
    • Add price extension offers users extra information about your products, prices, and product options. 
Moreover, our PPC experts launch remarketing campaigns. Remarketing is a type of ad method where your products are remarketed for people that earlier interacted with your website. For this, we create audiences to remarket campaigns, narrow your audience by device, page, time on page. According to Google Marketing Platform, chances for customers to buy your products instead of competitors are 70% higher with remarketing campaign to retarget your website.

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a cost-effective advertising method. In a PPC ad, you only need to pay for ads when users click through to your site. It means you do not spend money on visitors who read them but aren’t actually the right person for your business. Also, you can set a rate for each click. Quick reasons to choose PPC are:

  • PPC is real-time, its advertising spend is controllable
  • Its strategy has testing capabilities
  • It is to outrank competitors
  • Set a custom budget that you can change at any time
  • Access useful targeting options
  • Receive campaign data and insightful audience 
  • Reach people when they’re looking for you
  • Respond to campaign performance in real-time to maximize performance
  • Accomplish goals, like brand awareness and purchases
  • Support search engine optimization (SEO)

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