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Hire the Best Autodesk Maya Developers in Canada

Build a top-notch Maya development team by hiring programmers, architects, engineers, and consultants from the best talents at Jivaso in Canada. Our Autodesk
Maya professionals offer clients full development solutions and support. Hire developers from us and gain access to top-of-the-line 3D computer animation, simulation, modeling, and rendering software for your business.

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  • Best Market Pricing
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  • Tailored Solutions
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Expertise That We Have As A Maya Development Company

Leverage our expertise in creating expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects with Maya. Using this industry-leading 3D animation software, our top-tier engineers dedicatedly work for animated films, television programs, visual effects, and video games for creating highly professional 3D cinematic animations. They are adept in motion graphics, 3D animation, modeling, rendering, and shading.

Motion Graphics Services

Our Autodesk Maya developers are experienced in motion graphic techniques for various styles. They help produce immersive motion graphics, video & animation, thereby exceeding your expectations.

Dynamics &  Effects Services

Jivaso’s Maya experts are proficient in designing dynamic fluid effects, like flames, explosions, smoke, lava, and non-dynamic effects like fog, clouds, space, and other abstract effects.

3D Animation Services

Jivaso’s Maya software solutions include custom immersive 3D animations to enhance your brand. Our experienced, certified Maya developers are committed to improving your animation process.

Fluid Containers & Emitters

Our experienced Autodesk Maya developers can create particle collisions, fluid containers &  emitters, and more to ensure better visual effects to take your project to the next level.

3D Modeling Services

We design & model your next project by using Autodesk Maya software and can offer rendering, drafting, designing custom animation, and 3D models using reference sketches and images.

Pipeline Integration

Jivaso’s skilled Maya programmers can provide you with complete Maya pipeline integration services to enhance 2D/3D designs, boost engine workflows, and handle data or screen management.

3D Rendering &  Shading

Make an impact on your audience with Maya development service in Canada. We help bring your ideas to life with our Maya experts who create highly realistic imagery and cartoons.

Custom Scripts, Plugins

Develop custom plugins, scripts, designs, and more for your projects with the help of our Maya experts who use scripting, APIs, Maya Embedded Language (MEL), and Python scripting language.

Important Elements That Our Autodesk Maya Developers Use

Hire Autodesk Maya Developers in Canada for captivating animations and appealing visual effects. Jivaso is a top choice for startups and small businesses when it comes to hiring Maya developers in Canada. Our experts use upgraded elements of Autodesk Maya like Arnold, Render set up, shader FX, shading nodes, and more to ensure fast and easy solutions for your business.

Maya API

Our development coders can access Maya API (Application Programming Interface) as they have expert knowledge of C++ and Python.

Export &  Import

Jivaso’s tech-savvy engineers have got hands-on training on importing and extorting Maya file/animation data as clips in the Trax Editor.

Shading Nodes

Our 5+ experience in Maya development solutions has made us well-acquainted with all shading nodes. Actually, Maya is built around nodes.

Toon Shader

Jivaso’s experienced and knowledgable programmers can easily use Toon Shader in Autodesk Maya development solutions.

Maya Plug-in

We increase the Maya capabilities by using different Maya Plugins for many different areas such as modeling, animation, and rendering.


When it comes to feature-length animation and visual effects movies, our skilled developers use specific plugins to use the Arnold renderer directly in Autodesk Maya.


Since we are familiar with Editor in Maya, we fast track the development solutions. The editor can be one of the Tool Settings, Attribute Editor, or Channel Box.

PyQt Modules

We use the PyQt modules in Maya python scripts for creating custom UI. Generally, PyQt has no same licensing as Maya, Qt, or Python.

Why Hire Autodesk Maya Developers for Your Business

Maya is the next-generation display technology. It is accelerated modeling workflows and tools used to handle complex data. With expertise in Maya software, developers can build solutions for diverse industries, especially gaming, film, real estate, automobile. They can help you increase your creativity and imagination and create whatever visual like city or building, the character you want.

  • Easier To Make Animations: Maya developers can make realistic animations more easily and quickly. They design better animations when compared to other 3D design products of Autodesk.
  • Handle Motion Capture: Maya experts can handle Motion Capture by digitally recording the movement of people, which is best for entertainment, sports, medical applications, ergonomics, and robotics.
  • Great Poly Tools: Maya comes with great poly tools. Developers use these tools to make character rigging, organic modeling, and animation super-intuitive.
  • Tools for Smarter Data: Autodesk Maya specialists have the ability to create large, complex worlds more easily. They can manage production assets as discrete elements.
  • Ready-to-use graphs: Maya software comes equipped with ready-to-use graphs, ranging from snow to dust storms. Experts use them to create great-looking effects right out of the box.
  • Color Management: The efficient library of Autodesk Maya enables our developers for faster, more consistent Boolean operations on polygon geometry.

Why Select Jivaso for Maya Developers in Canada?

Jivaso Technologies helps you find the best talents in Canada based on your business needs and requirements. We have built up a team of Maya developers who are adept in delivering superior customer service. They strive to bridge the gap between business and technical communities. Below are quick reasons to hire developers from us.

Quick & Agile

We are a keen communicator with interpersonal and problem-solving skills. We remain updated about modern development tools & techniques for quick and agile solutions..

Customization Services

Our professionals utilize technology solutions to offer the best solution for all your specific projects, thereby catering to your business requirements.

Controllable Development

Once you hire Maya web developers from Jivaso, you gain the full power to devise the project and you can directly communicate to discuss our plan of action.

Support & Maintenance

When you partner with Jivaso, you get proper quality support and maintenance solutions for optimum performance. This reduces upkeep costs & downtime.

Supreme Communicators

No language bar! Jivaso employs staff with speaking and writing skills in the English language. So, there is no communication gap with clients.

Flawless Experience

Our experts continuously monitor your projects. For this, Jivaso has hired high-level managers who monitor the work performance of hired developers.

Hiring Maya developers With Jivaso Technologies

We offer flexible engagement options including monthly, part time, fixed cost hiring for you to choose from.

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We serve customers ranging from Startups to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Here’s few of our customers we are proud to work with.

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