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Hire Professional Flutter App Developers in Canada

Hire Flutter app developers from Jivaso in Canada for cross-platform application development in Android and iOS. Our Flutter app developers/coders are highly experienced and skilled. They help businesses sketch the smartest solutions for cross-platform applications and deploy it flawlessly which is delightful and expressive.

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Flutter Technologies Our App Developers Work Upon

Flutter is Google’s modern development kit. It has been built to develop mobile apps for Android & iOS which provide fast development, expressive UI & Native performance. Being a prominent app development company in Canada, Jivaso provides Futter app programmers who build flutter apps on PHP, Node.Js, Java, Angular, MongoDB, My SQL, ReactJS, and more.


Jivaso has a robust team of PHP developers whose intelligence lets them write premium Flutter application codes in the PHP programming language for better performance of applications.


Develop killer mobile apps with MongoDB for your business with the help of Jivaso’s energetic team of developers and scale to millions of users. We can help build apps for Android and iPhone.


Hire Node.Js Developers from Canada’s best app development company. Our experts build the backend app using Flutter and Node.Js to accelerate your business with secure and real-time apps.


Our developers can write Flutter codes on lightweight editors like sublime Text, Vim, Atom, and IntelliJ IDEA for developing mobile applications in Android and choosing Android Studio IDE.

Java Code

Reach if you want to implement native Java code in Flutter apps. We have the right solutions. Our developers can write Java code flawlessly that communicates with your Flutter applications.


With the passion for learning new technologies, Jivaso’s programmers have a deep understanding of Dart. You can hire them for fast, error-free, and affordable Flutter mobile app development solutions.


Our developers hold expertise in script-based framework to create an app using Flutter and the angular framework. Hire them to have a smooth, crisp experience with your application.

Industry Expertise In Flutter App Developers

Hire Jivaso’s Flutter App Developers or programmers who have in-depth knowledge and proficiency in multiple industries, such as education, travel, eCommerce, retail, real state, oil, gas, healthcare, automotive, insurance, banking, finance and more. When you hire from Jivaso, you happen to gain support from the best app development company in Canada. Currently, we serve only startups & small businesses but have plans to expand our wings to larger enterprises.

Use Cases

Restaurant & Foods

  • Online Ordering: The Flutter apps developed by us let your customers search for a nearby restaurant and order foods (lunch, dinner, snacks) from them anytime.
  • Customer-friendly: Customers can narrow down their search with dozens of filters, such as food items, price, rating, reviews, menu. They can also view photos of your restaurants.
  • Staff Management: As a restaurant owner, you can manage your staff, track their performance, make necessary changes based on their performance. You can ensure your restaurant is never over or underemployed.
  • Table Reservation: Let customers book tables online at their convenience. This way, they can stop themselves from waiting for a table to get free, thereby reducing their frustration.
  • Personalization: With Jivaso’s efforts, you can deliver personalized service. With the flutter app, you can track activities, behavior of users, and provide relevant products and services.

Sports & Fitness

  • Activity Log: Being a growing app development company in Canada, Jivaso develops sports & fitness Flutter apps that maintain activities like workouts, diets, sports sessions, health, and activity data.
  • Calendar: The app allows users to maintain the whole calendar, check dates on which training logs are recorded. They can access a complete list of workouts and training sessions with just a single tapping.
  • Video-based Guidance: A health trainer or coach can guide their candidates through videos about taking proper expertise and offering one-to-one support to follow healthy diets.
  • Tracking: Our mobile apps enable you to track daily fitness activities, such as walking, cycling, other sports using GPS along with speed, duration, distance, heart rates, and more.
  • Performance Analysis: With our app, you can analyze your daily sports and fitness performance like how much time you spend in training each day and know split times for each session.

Supply Chain

  • Inventory Management: Get the app for your supply chain business and track the stocked goods, raw materials availability. The app is also helpful in barcode integration, asset management, and future inventory.
  • Order Management: The app automates the purchasing processes. It generates, and tracks purchase orders, scheduling supplier deliveries, as well as creates pricing and product configurations.
  • Logistics & Shipping Status: With our Flutter mobile apps, you can coordinate transportation channels, improve delivery performance, boost customer satisfaction, optimize storage, manage labors, and more.
  • Forecasting: We also develop Flutter apps for the supply chain industry, which help enable you to anticipate product demand from customers, plan procurement, and production process accordingly.
  • Return Management: Get empowered to inspect and handle damaged or faulty goods/items and process refunds or file insurance claims. Everything is possible with apps designed by our developers.

Why Hire Flutter App Developers from Jivaso

Jivaso is Canada’s cutting edge platform to hire on-demand Flutter App Developers who are used to Flutter – Cross-Platform Mobile UI. They know how to build custom mobile applications using advanced technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, Voice Search, AR/VR, and Chatbots. Our team ensures modern re-active framework, SDKs & Native features access, fast app development, highly customized user experience.

Fast Development

Jivaso’s Flutter app developers create a universal set of UI building blocks, assemble it using a clear layered architecture. They build bugs-free apps with additional features.


Jivaso builds apps that can run across multiple device platforms, such as iOS and Android using Flutter. It allows fast development & reaches even users in the least time possible.

Custom Flutter Solutions

Our army of Flutter app developers come with added skills and knowledge. They can provide you with high-end native app development solutions, and deliver best, and cost-effective services.

Flexible UI

The widgets we design are adaptable and can make your UI flexible. The apps havereal-time UI iteration. So, you can reuse its sets of components in other layout configurations.

Project-Based Hiring

Jivaso brings a pool of talented Flutter app developers for worldwide clients. Review their profile, interview, and hire flutter programmers on the basis of your project requirements.

Flexible Hiring Options

Jivaso offers flexible hiring options, including the monthly, part-time, fixed cost. Choose either monthly rolling contract, one time fixed price payment contract, or a pay-as-you-go hour wise rolling contract.

Our Full Stack Flutter App Development Solutions

Hire full-stack Flutter app developers from a reputable mobile app development company in Canada, that cater to provide complete flutter app development services. Hiring Jivaso’s app coders ensure 100% transparency. They are committed to offering streamlined app development services across the globe. Hire them and you can get a sea of work done on time.

Cross-Platform Apps

By hiring our Flutter programmers, you can build cross-platform mobile applications with a single code for both iOS and Android that run smoothly on every device.

Flutter Maintenance

With adherence to our aim of not leaving a chance of complaints, our flutter app developers offer reliable supervision & maintenance support to clients worldwide.

Flexible User Interface

Our Flutter app programmers are skilled to develop self-descriptive and easy to implement mobile apps using modern technologies that are flexible at the same time.

API Integration

Nowadays almost every app is using remote data with APIs. The good thing is our Flutter app developers better know how to integrate REST API in the flutter app.

Personalized Consultation

We provide personalized Flutter consultation services to help small and mid-sized businesses develop feature-rich applications and contact more customers efficiently.

Building Custom Widgets

With extensive industry experience, we have the ability to build beautiful Flutter applications faster and bring a collection of structural, visual, and interactive widgets.

Faster Testing

We develop the Flutter app fasters due to the single codebase. With the codebase, we write automatic tests only once & make sure the testing process remains much faster.

Migration To Flutter

Our Futter app architects can assist you in re-engineering & migrating your existing business apps to the Flutter platform, thereby bringing a new & enhanced experience.

Hiring Flutter developers With Jivaso Technologies

We offer flexible engagement options including monthly, part time, fixed cost hiring for you to choose from.

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