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Hire Highly Creative 3Ds Max Developers in Canada

Create 3D web and AR experiences with hourly, monthly, or full-time contract basis 3Ds Max specialists in Canada. Jivaso has built for you a talent pool of highly experienced and skilled 3Ds Max developers for hire in Canada who perform as true leaders of the animation world. Give us a chance to extend your onboard team and have solutions for 3D modeling & rendering software for design visualization, animation, and games.

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Expertise That We Have As A 3Ds Max Development Company

Hire Jivaso 3Ds Max specialists in Canada who deliver access to the world of professional 3D modeling in a flexible way. Whether it is character modeling, animation, TV commercials, rendering photorealistic or digital images of products or services, we have made a niche for ourselves as a 3Ds Max development company in Canada to serve the entertainment industry.

Compelling Design

Our team (material, texture, color editors) work collaboratively, change textures, apply material finishes & use vibrant colors to make designs photorealistic.

Character Animation

We are familiar with character animation and rigging tools like CAT, biped, crowd animation. Therefore, we create procedural animation and character rigging.

Chamfer Modifier

Our 3Ds Max developers have expertise in using Chamfer Modifier to develop best-in-class procedural edge modeling details & create clear pictures of characters.

Particle Flow Effects

To emerge as a full-service 3Ds Max Development Company in Canada, we are well versed in creating sophisticated particle effects: water, spray, fire, and snow.

Surface Modelling

Hire Canada’s best 3Ds Max developers from us to create polygon, subdivision surface, and spline-based modeling features for simple yet perfect 3D solutions.

High-Quality & Lighting

We give power rendering to create high-quality photo-real visualizations. We also simulate artificial lighting sources to portray how light & shadows interact with your designs.

3Ds Max Fluids

Being highly experienced in the animation industry, we create realistic liquid behaviors like oil, water, lava, and can replicate gravity & collisions effects.

Stunning Characters

Hier Jivaso’s talented 3Ds Max developers in Canada to develop stunning characters and create procedural animation & character rigging with biped and CAT tools.

Important Elements That Our 3Ds Max Artists Use

When you hire 3Ds Max Developers from Jivaso, you bring together a consolidated approach to handle several stages of the animation pipeline including pre-visualization, cameras, layout, modeling, rigging, texturing, animation, VFX, lighting, and rendering. Our team utilizes various powerful modeling elements to ensure power-packed 3D solutions and efficient workflow.

Main Toolbar

Our experts are familiar with the Main Toolbar that enables us to access dialogs & tools for various common tasks in 3ds Max projects. It speeds up our performance.


The viewport is a view box that displays scenes from four different angles (top, left, front, perspective), which boosts our performance and simplifies work.

Character Studio

Since we are well aware of Character Studio, we can create skeletal hierarchies for two-legged characters (called bipeds) and animate them faster than ever.

Skin Modifier

Skin Modifier allows control of the characters’ movements. So our experts deform a skin mesh with splines, bones & other objects to create character animation.

Color Coding MAXScript

Being well-trained in the Color Coding MAXScript tool, we can display various elements of the script in different colors to easily navigate your script at a glance.

Material Editor

We are a leading 3Ds Max development company in Canada, holding expertise in using Material Editor for preparing materials, maps, and texture objects.

Scene Explorer

Our experts view, sort, filter & select objects in 3Ds Max, using Scene Explorer, which helps us edit data separately for clarity in editing complicated scenes.

Our 3Ds Max Expertise in Different Industries

Based in Canada as a prominent 3Ds Max Studio, we serve as a helping hand in designing and creating 3D animations, TV commercials, interactive games, models, visual effects for the entertainment industry and other verticals for different purposes. Hire our 3Ds Max developers for different domains: real estate, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and others. Below is an example of our 3Ds Max Development process for the real estate industry.

3D Max Implementation in Real Estate Industry

  • Basic Model:Our professional 3Ds Max Developers first construct the basic model by molding walls and columns using basic modeling tools in 3ds Max.
  • Floor Building: We use 3ds Max for generating a wide variety of floor types to meet the right size and other requirements of the project.
  • Placing Objects: Create curtains’ shape in the scene to match the intent of the room. Tweak furniture & other objects to determine what is most suitable.
  • Material Design: We look for material design and texture mapping with the wall. The more detailed design is focused on carpet, chair fabric, sofa fabric, etc.
  • Lighting Setup: Depending on your requirements and real estate projects, we can place Corona Sun to draw sunlight into the room through the window.
  • Adjustments: Finally, we adjust image brightness, contrast, colors, curve manipulation, exposure, and polishing to achieve the desired results.

Why Choose Jivaso for 3D Max Development Solutions

Jivaso’s 3Ds Max developers in Canada come from a variety of backgrounds — self-taught traditional artists, 3D animation to formal education in computer design. Our 3D Studio artists can work with you and your team to bring to life your artistic vision by staying enthusiastic, highly resourceful, positive, good team players in what they do.

Perform Assessments

Our developers first assess your requirements, understand issues, identify areas of opportunity, then step out to solve challenges.

Right Solutions

Jivaso employs the best 3Ds Max developers from across the globe with excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.

Speed & Simplicity

When it comes to 3D modeling, our experts give unmatched solutions for lighting, rigging, animation, modeling, texturing in the quick around of time.

Attention to Details

Jivaso efficiently allocates its cognitive resources to attain accuracy in 3Ds Max development to improve workplace productivity, performance.

Broad Knowledge

We have developers with broad knowledge in Auto Cad, Interior Design, measurements, conceptual modeling, information architecture design, wireframes.

3Ds Max Support & Maintenance

Over the past decade, our 3Ds Max support and maintenance team has gained an immense amount of experience in maintaining the 3Ds Max based projects.

Hiring 3D Max developers With Jivaso Technologies

We offer flexible engagement options including monthly, part time, fixed cost hiring for you to choose from.

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We serve customers ranging from Startups to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Here’s few of our customers we are proud to work with.

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