Healthcare & Wellness Software Development

Embrace & accelerate digital health innovation wave. Keep every piece of information safe and secure. Jivaso creates healthcare & wellness software in Canada for hospitals, old-age homes, long term care facilities, family physician clinics, and X-ray/MRI centers to address technical needs within the healthcare industry.

Our Solutions

Find robust-quality medical billing software, personal medical records software, pharmacy management software in response to feed the needs of the healthcare industry.
EMR/EHR Solutions

Jivaso develops Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software with robust integrated features to smooth and secure database. We also design Personal Health Records (PHR) Software complying with all common regulatory standards like HIPAA and EL7. This helps you in tracking patient data like symptoms, vitals, histories, and another medication tracking.

Medical Practice Solutions

Get Practice Management Systems (PMS) to manage your daily tasks of operating a medical facility. Our PMS software lets you register patients, record their demographics & medical information, and automate administrative operations. Jivaso also builds interoperable case management systems with modules like room assignments, patient monitoring systems, and so on.

Document Management Solutions

Our document management software or electronic medical records software digitizes all the intensive documentation processes. With successful implementation, you can securely store physical records with privacy in line with your own methodology, making it easier for staff to manage and reduce document load. Our solutions let you eliminate any problem of paper forms.

Electronic Prescription Solutions

Our developers provide electronic prescription solutions for e-prescription software, ERX integration, clinical decision support. This set of solutions secures the transmission of e-prescription, medical test requests among pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories. You can verify patient credentials and avoid adverse drug interactions. You can evaluate food, allergy, drugs, and track potential adverse interactions due to changes in patient care circumstances.

Pharmacy Management Solutions

Deploy pharmacy management software tailored for you. Jivaso offers pharmacy management solutions to support day-t0-day operations, retail POS, medication adherence, and patient wellness programs. With it, you can manage approved medication lists, inventories, dispensing workflows, and compliance. Our pharmacy management software improves accuracy, automates prescription fills, formula compounding, thereby accelerating pharmacy workflows.

Emergency Response Solutions

Jivaso brings hospital information system software for an emergency response to life. It provides you with an online information-sharing platform and greater collaboration option with hospitals, patients, and doctors anywhere anytime. It results in faster response and recovery. Jivaso’s healthcare and wellness apps offer real-time consultation, a virtual appointment with Multipoint Control Units (MCU), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and recording functions.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

A trusted name among medical software companies in Canada, Jivaso customizes Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions to establish smoother and faster payment cycles in the healthcare industry. Our software can help you verify insurance eligibility, remittance automation, processing claims, and retrieve data from integrated health care systems.

Tele-Health Solutions

Jivaso gives complete telehealth solutions for collaborative, convenient, and secure remote healthcare delivery. Our cloud-based telemedicine software and mobile apps allow back-end integrations, streamlined video-conferencing, remote monitoring of patients, and e-prescription features. You can share encrypted medical data with other professionals to eliminate traveling cost, waiting hours, and to achieve a quick diagnosis.

Why Choose Jivaso for Healthcare & Wellness Software Solutions

Since its inception, Jivaso has designed and engineered hundreds of healthcare software and mobile applications for its global clients. Our experts don’t just assist health clients by developing great code, but also improve healthcare by creating a better patient-provider experience through the use of digital technology.
Compliance Assurance

Jivaso respects the government norms, so ensures your compliance by following all common regulatory standards set by the government.

Customized Software

Our developers create healthcare & wellness management software solutions specifically configured to meet your requirements.

Assistive Software Solutions

Jivaso specializes in assistive software development for deaf & hearing impaired, blind & visually impaired to improve quality of care.

Healthcare Integrations

Our experts integrate & configure various trusted healthcare software to exchange information seamlessly between medical applications.

Mobility Solutions

Having years of healthcare apps development expertise, we craft easy-to-use healthcare & wellness mobile apps for iOS and Andriod.

Worldwide Services

Although headquartered in Canada, Jivaso delivers healthcare software development services worldwide. Contact to avail of our service.

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