What is the Future Workplace?

Organizations are looking for a permanent solution to effectively onboard and manage talent through uncertain times, thrive and innovate.


  • ICTs (web hosting/ SaaS) 
  • IT outsourcing 
  • Pay-per-use-economics 
  • Shared infrastructure 
  • Cost-competitiveness


  • Gig workers
  • Freelance marketplace (Upwork, Toptal)
  • Crowdsourcing (TaskRabbit)
  • Consulting or marketing agencies
  • Recruitment firms

2021 & Future

  • Microservice mindset
  • Remote work culture
  • Sense of control
  • Work life balance
  • VUCA world

Signals Accelerating the Evolution

Unemployment is an unhealthy dependency on employers

  • Vicious recruitment cycle: erroneous hiring, misalignment, poor performance, business affordability, underutilization, rehiring 
  • VUCA world (Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), high real estate costs

Entrepreneurial mindset of global workforce

  • Global talent is pivoting towards an entrepreneurial and microservice mindset
  • Sense of control, flexible work timings, work-life balance and easy transition into retirement

SMEs are unable to afford skilled digital talent

  • SMEs can’t afford a full digital team. Experienced talent demands higher salaries
  • Quality talent is pulled by larger organizations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Emerging unicorns

Talent selection and qualification is a challenge

  • Current marketplaces use limited checks to assess service quality (reviews/ ratings)
  • Not rich enough data to select new staff/ freelancer/ agency

Freelancing lacks reliability and accountability

  • Freelancing engagement models can’t promise reliability and accountability
  • Difficult to handle unmanaged resources, and consolidate multiple vendors to realize a unified ROI

Digital Employee Solution to Alleviate Current Challenges

Employee-as-a-Service (EaaS) allows us to develop a sustainable social ecology by creating an environment which aligns talent with dynamic needs of the employer.

For Employer

  • Managed team approach is a balance between freelancing and in-house recruitment 
  • No further concerns about increasing talent cost, talent selection and retention 
  • Client success manager is responsible for planning and collaboration with multiple resources
  • Complete transparency with time tracking and productivity management 
  • Seamless project management and communications ecosystem

For Employee

  • EaaS provides safe employment with access to multiple opportunities
  • Impact of recession in one country can be subsidized by opportunities in other economies  
  • Access to opportunities for young talent in emerging economies tackling global unemployment 
  • Flexible and remote work environment, but still part of a team environment  
  • Access to work operations infrastructure and business tool kit to enable seamless delivery

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