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EaaS provides safe employment and immense learning with access to diverse opportunities. We offer a flexible and remote work environment, yet still part of a team environment. Get access to work operation tools, leverage our best practices and infrastructure to enable seamless service delivery. 

Why Work as Digital Employee

Safe Employment

We are seeking long term opportunities with employers which allows our digital employees to be fully engaged and effective.

Seamless Delivery

We follow industry best practices and have created digital infrastructure to deliver seamless project management and client communications.

Great Earning Potential

We actively promote our talent to create a healthy pipeline of opportunities come your way. Join us today to get instant visibility in our network and social media channels.

Support Structure

You are not alone in it. We have a diverse pool of talent specialized in different domains and industries, and will be there to support you throughout the client or project lifecycle.

Business Toolkit

Jivaso will take care of all business functions so service partners do not need to worry about invoicing, payments, legal, HR aspects of the business.

Performance Incentive

Our goal is to incentivize high performing digital employees based on employer feedback and quality delivery. Become part of the Jivaso family and find more details in your onboarding kit.

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