eLearning & Education Software Development

Execute higher education software solutions with Jivaso, one of the top eLearning development companies in Toronto, Canada. Jivaso’s expert educational app developers create unparalleled software solutions for Universities, Colleges, International Schools, Private Coaching Centers, E-learning institutes, Daycares, and Day Homes.

Our Solutions

Jivaso’s custom eLearning development solutions are an excellent option for learning management systems, student information systems, web-based training, institute management, academic term management, and more.
Course Authoring Solutions

Create engaging e-learning experience using Jivaso’s custom eLearning course development solutions. We transform generic educational content into attractive learning experiences using proven educational frameworks and custom animations & simulations. We also gamify learning content and enhance it with 2D/3D graphics plus avatars. Besides, our educational e-learning experts create immersive multilevel games, challenges, and quests.

Scalable Learning Solutions

Jivaso codes potent student management, finance management, and Institute management software. Our web-based LMS (learning management systems) comes with native mobile apps that create unified user experiences across Android & iOS. We interface blended learning apps with features for social learning, multimedia, messaging, web, and video, recording, discussion boards, more. Our LMS also comes with themes, modules, course formats, enrollment to extend it.

Supply Chain & POS Solutions

Our developers have expertise in retail management across scheduling, inventory, facility management, and employee onboarding. We develop POS systems that can help cannabis companies, such as self-service kiosks for cannabis of any type, barcode integration, and RBAC security features. Our apps also enable cannabis customers to search for a proper dispensary.

Soil Mapping Solutions

Jivaso’s team of professionals are adept in innovations and bring soil mapping and crop sensor solutions. They can let you digitize the entire farmland and have a 3D model of the soil. This gives the ability to collect a vast volume of data about a crop’s lifecycle and adjust resources. You can also establish a collaborative supply network for buyer solutions.

Mobile Farm Management Solutions

At Jivaso, we endeavor to provide comprehensive mobile farm management solutions that can enable you to automate and manage crops, their costs, contracts, inventory. These software apps run on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones both Android and iOS. They let farmers have total control, analytics, and surveillance.

Sales Management Solutions

With our best-in-class sales performance management solutions, sales analytics can view sales performance, forecast performance in the future, boost revenue, and exceed quotas. By conducting cloud-based sales analysis in the future, you can reserve and announce advanced incentives and commission for salespeople that can motivate them, to increasing sales.

Aerial Imaging Solutions

Adopt innovative aerial imaging solutions and capture field for building precision maps to monitor crop health, track live livestock, view field conditions, or make plans for irrigation. Our drone agriculture mapping software solutions allow farmers to analyze GIS data, compare that data, and synchronize them with large databases.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

We have the capability to integrate all the software apps, ranging from farm management software, to crop sensors, supply chain app, soil mapping, and drone software through APIs. This will allow you to do combined analytics of data, gain access to a holistic view of the entire farmland, and optimize customer service with minimal working capital.

Why Choose Jivaso for e-Learning & Education Software Development?

Jivaso ranks among top eLearning development companies in Canada. We’re committed to promoting online education by creating client-specific e-learning software to make tasks of our clients easy. With this, you won’t need to maintain study material, assignment content, technical papers in a book, or register. This leads to creating a completely environment-friendly campus of your school, college, university, or coaching centers.
AR/VR Based Education Apps

Explore captivating learning experience with AR, VR, and cloud computing. We build apps for Astronomy, anatomy, physics, geology, etc.

On-Demand E-Learning Apps

Capacity to build-on demand e-Learning apps (music & learning video streaming, 3D books & gaming) with front-end UI, admin dashboards.

AI-Based Education Apps

We build AI ( Artificial Intelligence) based apps like feedback loop apps, personalized teaching, blog apps, comic & books reading apps.

E-Learning Portals & Apps

We’re adept in technology can build e-learning portals and apps for course management, exam certification, marks & syllabus updates.

Learning Management System

Building enterprise LMS & apps for the best e-learning options: online training, skill enhancement, tutorials, performance tracking.

E-Learning Chatbots

Jivaso creates real-time Chatbots for websites, social media, & personalized chatbots to assess students’ knowledge and improve it with time.

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