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Enhance your reach, promote your unique identity, and boost market penetration power with our digital production and 3D animation services in Canada. Having expertise in 3D animation services, Jivaso enhances your communication & advertisement by offering most creative, informative, penetrative and impressionable videos and animation content to attract, connect and convert the customer.

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Top-quality 3D Models to Add Value to Your Brand

Jivaso’s team of creative 3D modellers offers custom 3D modelling services which can be utilized for a variety of media, such as movies, video games, illustration, mobile applications engineering, architectural visualization, VFX, visual effects, and commercial advertising.

A proficient 3D Animation studio in Canada, Jivaso has a proven track of satisfied clients from diverse industry, including but not limited to Automobiles, Construction, Gaming, Retail, Electronics, eCommerce, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, Process Industries, Healthcare, Education, Government, Marine Vessels, Film and Animation Studios. Besides, we also offer 3D modeling solutions for the manufacturing sector, industrial designs, production comparisons, and product assemblies.

Product Modeling
Character Modeling
Architectural Modeling
Packaging Modeling
Clothing Modeling
Procedural Modeling
Modular Modeling
animation companies
animation companies

3D Animation Solutions With Compelling Storytelling

Jivaso is a full-service Animation Studio in Canada, specializing in the areas of producing TV series in a flash, 2D and 3D animation for TV and web series – broadcast and feature films. We develop eye-catching animations that tell your story or advance it forward. Our team of talented artists are well-versed with animations, including 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, whiteboards, character creation & rotoscoping. Just imagine animated movies of dinosaur, dragons, fish, toys or penguin, and we’ll bring them running around on the screen. Our 3D animators enhance the look and feel of fully animated scenes or any type of video project by adding special effects like explosions, animated characters, and virtual worlds.

Based on the storyline, our experts animate videos either completely, or certain scenes, elements or animated characters combined with live action. We provide 3D animation services for entertainment, educational, and commercial purposes. We also partner with prominent publishers, ad agencies, production houses and various global brands to fulfil their requirement of high-quality 3D animated videos. Besides, Jivaso is also a one-stop 3D animation studio in Canada for meeting all your needs of VFX artists and designers. We thrive on creating sophisticated animated content both for online & offline with compelling storytelling and distinct design. Our 3D artists work in:

ED Character Design

Skyrocket your Brand Value and Business Reach

Avail the best-in-class Animation, 3D Modeling, Architectural Design, Video Editing, Whiteboard & Explainer Animation Videos from skilled and highly creative animators at Jivaso animation studio in Canada. We provide animation services that reflect high production quality in the right mix of art, sound, animation, high-end multimedia, and video solutions with premium graphic designs. With Jivaso’s comprehensive support, you can implement animated videos in your brand based on buyer personas, develop content that is designed only for them without a lengthy production schedule or multiple shoots.

Jivaso’s animators have carved a niche in different 3D animations, like motion capture, skeletal animation, crowd simulation, morph-target animation and cel-shaded animation. To ensure quality service, they use tools like Maya, 3ds Max, Zbursh, Realflow, Unity 3D for animation service, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sony Sound Forge for audio/video editing, Google Sketchup, RealFLow, Adobe Flash, etc. for Architecture Design. Being associated with the best animation studio in Canada, you can earn a good response from customers, increased sales and high conversion rates.

Express Your Thoughts with Architectural Visualisation

Architectural visualization is a process that 3D artists use to digitally showcase architectural projects through 3D models. Jivaso’s Architectural 3D modeling services let your projects look just the way you want them to be. Backed by experienced architectural ED modeling experts, we offer customized 3D walkthrough and virtual tours, give the image to the perfect Architectural Rendering with fine color balance and structure, which expresses your thoughts. We turn your boring black and white plans into a key marketing tool. You name it we’ll do it.

The architectural 3D Rendering Services offered by Jivaso include 3D Exterior Rendering/3D Interior Rendering/3D Floor Plan Renderings/3D Aerial View Rendering/3D Virtual Staging. Besides, we also create architectural 3D Animation such as 3D Walkthroughs/ 3D Virtual Tour/360 Virtual Reality and architectural drafting & modeling like 3D Revit Modeling/ AutoCAD Drafting and Construction Detailing. Depending on requirements, our animators can elaborate details and instil a realistic appeal in the 3D designs of bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, wall colors, living room, wallpapers, furniture, lighting, etc. Our architectural visualization world includes:

Interior and exterior
Residential and Commercial
Indoor and Outdoor
animation company
3d animation services

Bring Your Thoughts into Ideas with 3D Rendering

Rendering is used in both 2D and 3D computer animation. It is the process of getting the final assembled animation scene designed in a computer in the format of a sequence of individual frames. At Jivaso, we deliver the architectural rendering solutions by designing site plans, elevations, floor plans and sections in a 3D model, which is further applied with furnishings, and finishings. We also create photorealistic fantasy characters, architecture home design, mechanical engineering designs, and other residential & commercial designs.

Over the years, we have been associated with prominent real estate professionals, retailers, contractors, designers, and architects and offer them unmatched rendering services to bring their thoughts and ideas to life with 3D arts. We create 3D rendering for gaming and other industries as well. Our rendering solutions include:

Product rendering
3D Exterior rendering
3D animation rendering
Aerial Rendering
CAD rendering

Elevate Your Brands with Expert Video Editing Support

Elevate your brand with videos because the ‘Play Button’ is the most effective call to action. Jivaso offers video editing service in Canada, which includes everything from cutting segments (trimming), re-sequencing clips, adding transitions and special effects.

A one-stop video editing service company, we match your specific needs of video editing related to corporate videos, film/movie videos, real estate tour videos, brochure video, holiday videos, interview videos, corporate training videos, product-based videos, wedding videos, VR videos, sports videos, and so on. Our works in video editing include:

Keying editing
Visual effects
Color correction
Trimming segments
3d animation video company
animation services

Whiteboard and Explainer Animation Videos to Convey Messages

Whiteboard animation is an easy-to-understand illustration, drawn on a white background by artists. It enables you to communicate your message in an uncluttered way. Explainer videos are short-animated videos or live videos. Such videos are used to tell a company’s story in a clear and concise way.

At Jivaso, we create whiteboard and explainer videos that are entertaining, eye-catching and impressive. They allow a good way to explain concepts in a simple and engaging way. So, they can be used to communicate complex ideas.

Jivaso creates videos (also known as scribe and doodle animation) for training programs, greetings, social media, sales and promotion, TV and internet commercials, and so on. With our service, you don’t need to hire actors and appear in front of the camera. Instead, you can precisely put across your message to your target audience in the most effective way. Our whiteboard and explainer animation videos service include:

Whiteboard Videos
2D Animated Videos
Kinetic Typography
Line Art Animation
Infographic Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Jivaso, we’re committed to creating meaningful and engaging video content based on clients’ requirements. Whether you tend to improve your brand visibility with a corporate video or want a product demo to market your service, our team is adept in producing premium quality videos. Ranking among the best 3D animation studios in Canada, Jivaso can create any type of video to meet your needs. The type of videos we produce include but not limited to:

  • Product Demos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Animated Stories
  • Corporate Videos
  • Wedding videos
  • Journey videos
  • Training Videos and Tutorials
  • Startup Videos
  • Sales Videos

3D animation service can help you deliver complex messages in an engaging way. It enhances your brand visibility, creates engagement, promotes your lesser-known products, tells stories and communicates emotions. You can share your ideas in an easy-to-perceive way that both small children and adults can understand.

Our process of video production includes understanding clients’ requirements, brainstorming different ideas to meet those requirements and then final delivery of the product. The process involves various production stages and a series of meticulous animation. Listed below is a quick summary of our video production process:

  • Understanding your business & marketing objectives
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Developing story and script
  • Creating storyboard
  • Adding voiceover
  • Creating illustration
  • Making animation
  • Delivering services

The animation cost depends majorly on 3 factors:

  • Overall length
  • Overall complexity
  • Overall quality.

So, the pricing varies. To take an example, an exploded view animation of a car engine varies to a great extent when compared with an exploded view animation of a pen. The animation length matters more in animated components and requires additional rendering time to process.

Creating an effective explainer video is a one-day task. It requires a dedicated team of creatives, artists, writers, animators, professional artists to work on every project. Besides, the animation team includes Story Lead, Sound Designer, Storyboard Artist, Professional Voiceover, Animator and Illustrator. In case, you require a live action video, we also work with professionals models.

The time may vary depending on the video length. We generally take 3-4 weeks in completing a typical 60 seconds explainer video. However, it takes more time and a larger collaborative team to deliver a complete video in case your project requires more complex animation. But, we also work on projects that need to be completed urgently.

A Canada-based 3D animation studio, Jivaso has the ability to create different styles of videos to meet your business needs. Some of them are:

  • Motion Graphics: We’re capable of making motion graphic animation, which is a great option to provide information in graphs, stats, and figures. It is an adequate form of explainer videos used to simplify complex ideas so that viewers can grasp and retain the message you want to deliver.
  • Character Animation: At Jivaso, we also produce character animation – animated videos. A web page with only text tools and static graphics looks boring. Such landing pages fail to create any engagement. We create animated videos, particularly the character animation, which is sure to let you have more landing page conversions.
  • Whiteboard Animation: Jivaso’s 3D animation services in Canada also include whiteboard animation solutions, which allow you to explain your complex ideas. This type of video is a fine method for businesses.
  • Live-Action & Mixed: In case, animation alone can’t do the job for your video marketing campaign, Jivaso helps you by creating live action and mixed videos. In these videos, we include motion graphics and live video elements to produce a professional-looking video. However, the pricing of these videos is significantly higher.

Have any further questions regarding 3D animation services, get in touch with us. We will be happy to respond.

Yes, you own full copyright to the video once the video is complete and delivered to you. You’ll have the right to use it as per your requirement.

In general, when it comes to a typical explainer video, the length should be at least 60 seconds. However, for more complex subjects, the video should be of 90 to 120 seconds. It’s important to note that the actual length depends on several variables and client’s topic and subject.

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