Construction & Real Estate Software Development

Transform construction management with Jivaso’s real estate software that integrates with MPLs, CRMs platforms, and automated workflows. We bring together work execution platforms equipped with construction management software, property management software, and solutions for real estate valuation.

Our Solutions

Jivaso’s construction software solutions are useful for the architecture, engineering & construction (AEC) industry, HOA management, bid management, and ERP customization in the construction industry.
MLS Development Solutions

Jivaso offers customized MLS (Multiple Listing Service) solutions that help real estate agents, brokers, builders, contractors, home insurance providers & architectural companies with disseminating property listings online. With us, compare properties based on locations, customer data, user specifications, and other parameters. Our MLS platform supports search engineers, logic searches, and exportable spreadsheets with APIs.

HOA Management Solutions

Ensure automated workflows, streamlined reporting, easy maintenance & optimized accounting with Jivaso’s easy-to-implement property management, condominium management, and HOA (Homeowners’ Association) software solutions. Our solutions simplify association accounting management and online payment processing. You can manage single-family or multi-family units with customized HOA modules with CMS .

Construction Submittal Solutions

Jivaso offers cloud-based construction submittal solutions, including submittal management, submittal logs, and submittal exchange. It ensures document management facilitation, workflow automation. Our software helps you generate and share elements like OEM specs and shop drawings or use tracking dashboards for real-time snapshots. Our submittal software is responsive and can run on mobile, desktops, or any browser.

Sales & Workflow Solutions

We offer solutions to make your automation initiatives more effective – automate sales & workflow. Our software allows fully automated workflow, task management automation, and automated e-mail marketing campaigns. Let us develop the software tailored to share relevant documents automatically, put in place role-based security for real estate agents, allow the improved process, and better efficiency and speed.

CRM Management Solutions

Our developers build CRM applications to store contact information, marketing materials, and set and submit rules. Built with using APIs, our real estate CRM lets brokers, agents, constructors, builders effectively manage their leads, interact with clients, improve communications. CRM software also helps manage workload, site visits, and project plans.

Real Estate ERP Solutions

Enhance the day to day operations with our real estate ERP software. We build ERP software for the construction and real estate industry to address cumbersome tasks like managing process, customer data, resources, expenses, finance & account, and compliance. You can also manage property booking, generate reports & invoices, have error-free data, and other tasks related to residential & commercial properties.

Construction Estimating Solutions

Jivaso’s cloud-based construction estimating solutions include cost database estimating, electrical estimating, commercial estimating. We ensure real-time overhead tracking of materials, pre-loaded labor & materials, create databases for labor cost by integrating databases into estimation platforms, facilitate pricing updates. We also help you make instant changes to systems, upgrade platforms with customer integration to improve margins.

Construction Accounting Solutions

Get construction accounting solutions that include job cost accounting (to track purchase orders, subcontracts, order changes, increased revenue, and costs), payroll software with HCM systems & and mobile timecard APIs integration ( featuring FUTA/SUTA calculators and banking APIs, bookkeeping, accounting), and asset accounting solutions (depreciation calculators and audit trail modules) with custom asset tracking software.

Why Choose Jivaso for Construction & Real Estate Software Development

Jivaso has in-depth industry experience and develops real-time construction & real estate software as per clients’ requirements. We make real estate companies more efficient, more exact, and more productive when buying, selling, and managing properties. With our cloud-based custom construction software solutions, you’ll have less time on paperwork and more time at the construction sites. We help you bridge the gap between your customers and your properties.
Full-cycle Development

Jivaso’s construction software development includes UI/UX design, programming, testing, system integration & product sustainability.

AR and VR Speciality

We have AR/VR professionals who develop real estate software based on AR and VR solutions and ensure a 360-degree view of any property.

On-Demand CRM

On-demand CRM software built with smart algorithms, marketing automation, rule-based notifications, integrated with emails & SMS.

Meet Regulatory Standards

Comply with consumer protection industry regulations, like Payment Card Industry Data Security, Payment Application Data Security, etc.

IDX Integration

Specialized in IDX integration to enhance CRMs, forward leads to other systems, support in e-mail engagement & content automation.

Real-Time Interaction

We ensure real-time interaction & work as per your convenience irrespective of the country you belong to. We’re available 24/7.

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