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Cloud computing solutions powered by Jivaso make collaboration a simple process. Our robust cloud technology solutions give you remote access to computing, networking resources, and storage on demand. When it comes to the implementation and deployment of cloud technology, we ensure scalable, reliable, and workload-optimized service delivery across various enterprise applications.

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Cloud Advisory to Prepare Proven Roadmap and Ease Cloud Adoption

Jivaso’s Cloud Advisory solutions include analyzing how business applications have been hosted in the current environment to chart the fastest and safest course to cloud, determining what to migrate, how to migrate and which cloud to migrate, conducting a detailed cost-benefit analysis, designing a roadmap for enterprise-wide implementation, helping you define specific pointers to the strategic transformation of processes, technologies, and capabilities.

We’ll assist you if you want to implement cloud technology because you are confused, you’re not sure where to start, you’re running a pilot project. Through our cloud advisory support, we make sure end-to-end services (design, testing, deployment, migration and training) to align your enterprise cloud ecosystem with business requirements. Our cloud advisory solutions processes include:


This includes evaluating public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions to create multi-faceted opportunities.


Custom strategy to meet your migration objectives effectively and improving overall IT security, governance, and management.


Identifying the workloads & applications that are cloud-ready and then developing an appropriate deployment strategy.

Deployment of Service

Deploy and implement a set of high-quality cloud technology services faster with less effort and more control to help you overcome challenges.

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Leverage Migration Services that Define Migration to Cloud

Jivaso delivers an elite-class Migration Service approach to transit from your existing infrastructure to the cloud platform in an organized and disciplined way – even while minimizing downtime and migration risks. Our migration services include software migration, website migration, cloud migration, database migration, server migration, and enterprise platform migration.

Key components in the migration service include discovery, assessment, migration planning, testing, deployment, document code changes and configurations, interfaces, scalability testing and validate & accept. We also accelerate migration planning and cloud adoption across industries. Processes of our migration service include:

Discovery Phase

Focusing key stakeholders, inventory of existing applications, key users, age & business criticality.

Assessment Phase

Determining the path for each application, ensuring cloud deployment services (IaaS, PaaS, Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud), remediating applications.

Planning Phase

Building a roadmap, prioritize migration effort, estimate effort, update the business case and future state model.

Deployment Phase

Support in application performance management, post-migration reviews, documentation, and updating service catalogues.

Build A Scalable & Reliable IT Infrastructure with Jivaso

Based in Canada, Jivaso deploys elite cloud solutions to harness emerging technology to make the unimaginable possible. Our range of cloud technology solutions includes Cloud Advisory, Migration Services, Cloud Implementation Services, Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Management. The integrated cloud plan comprises helping big enterprises as well as SMEs to craft an exhaustive cloud transformation roadmap, identify and deploy strategies, modernize, optimize, and manage mission-critical infrastructure and applications. Jivaso supports the best-in-class cloud application development like ERP, CRM, MRP & ITSM software products.

Our cloud solutions are available at every stage, like business transformation advisory (transforming your business strategy into a cloud strategy), security and compliance (accessing a shared responsibility model when using cloud platforms) risk control management (best practice methods, tools and experience), end-to-end Service Level Agreement (designing and implementing end-to-end SLA solutions), enterprise architecture (expert advice through the business process, and technology changes to execute your cloud strategy). Jivaso helps you develop an overall cloud adoption strategy, cost-benefit analysis and an IT roadmap for your journey the cloud.

Cloud Implementation Services for Optimized Digital Experience

With our state-of-the-art cloud implementation service, you can ensure a secure and successful deployment of cloud platforms — whether it’s building a private cloud, using public cloud or developing a hybrid cloud. We assist you in implementing a tailored-made cloud to address your business needs in an agile way. We have built relationships with leading cloud providers, like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce.

Jivaso’s models of cloud implementation services are based on the proven implementation process that combines system and application inventory, configuration and change management, implementation support, architecture and the ongoing operations and maintenance activities before moving any resource to the cloud. Our cloud implementation processes include:

Sharing Detailed Plan

Sharing a detailed plan with clients to ensure proper implementation and avoidance of any future insecurities.

Reviewing Projects

Defining what you want to move to the cloud, then choosing a platform, which is easy and safe to deploy.

Assessing Applications

Carrying out an assessment to determine whether your applications are ready to run in the cloud.

Cloud Service Provider

Selecting a cloud computing service provider that has similar to your technology.

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Cloud Infrastructure to Transform Business for New Age Challenges

Cloud infrastructure solution is a type of service, which describes the components required for cloud computing, such as abstracted resources, hardware, storage, and network resources. With Jivaso’s cloud infrastructure support, you don’t need to invest in purchasing and maintaining equipment for data security, scalability, mobility, disaster recovery. We bring together various elemental aspects such as system & networking components, migrate applications, virtualization, storage to ensure scalable cloud practices and SSO.

Jivaso’s cloud infrastructure assistance helps in designing Cloud-Native Transformation, Cloud Strategy Assessment, Hybrid Cloud Solutions Management, Multi-Cloud Solutions, Cloud Application Hosting and Cloud Platform Services. With us, you can plan, architect, build and integrate IaaS solutions across private, public and multi-cloud environments. Our dedicated infrastructure teams come with deep expertise in working with all major cloud infrastructure providers. They let you have flexible delivery models to ensure multi-tenant enterprise services, hosting of virtual data centres and even virtual data desktops. The process of cloud infrastructure solutions includes:

Infrastructure strategy

We make sure the right cloud infrastructure strategy based on your business requirements.

Cloud technologies

We identify which technologies (Cloud OS, orchestration, automation) are the best to meet your needs.

Cloud data centre design

We focus on sizing and building the data centre, and lean construction methods.

Hardware elements

We take care of hardware elements such as multicore servers, persistent storage and local area network equipment on a much greater scale.

Cloud Management Assistance to Protect Your Cloud Assets

Get comprehensive cloud management solutions from a leading cloud computing solutions company, Jivaso. Our cloud management tools enable you to oversee all types of cloud activities, such as resource deployment, data integration, and even disaster. The cloud management solutions powered by Jivaso take care of integrated functionality by monitoring Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), log analytics, changes in Application Performance Management (APM) and issue resolution.
We protect your cloud assets against data loss, vulnerabilities and downtimes. We also enable high availability and continuous optimization in the private and hybrid cloud across business application ecosystems. When delivering cloud computing solutions, our experts analyze risk reports and remediation plans, forecast and trends reporting, optimization in spending, regular operational metrics, disaster recovery test reports, improvement plans, and automation. The cloud management process from us includes:

Assets & Plan

It includes proving cloud advice and analyzing your cloud portfolio.


Building a cloud management tool that meets the needs of operating systems, apps, storage frameworks, etc.

Build & Migrate

Providing a cloud, cloud-native, and cloud migration factory.

Allowing control

Allowing you to main control everything, while policies guide users access to configurations, resource and capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud computing is internet-based new-age technology. It is the process of using a network of remote servers (hosted via the internet) for storing, managing, and processing data rather than hosting it locally. It allows you to use safe and secure infrastructure and hardware of someone’s else to reduce the investment amount your business needs to make.
Based on Canada, Jivaso provides a wide range of cloud computing solutions, which include the following:

  • Cloud advisory
  • Migration service
  • Implementation service
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud management

You have various ways to determine whether or not cloud computing technology is the right option for you. If you need flexibility, reduced business costs, smooth functioning of business, scalability, and if you don’t want to lose your data, then cloud computing is the right bet. Answer the following questions yourself:

  • Are the IT costs having any impact on your ability to grow as a business?
  • Does your requirement for information technology vary throughout the year?
  • How important are reliability, security, scalability and flexibility to your business?
  • Is your current solution not meeting your needs?
  • Do your employees require remote access?
  • Is there any option for improvement?

Apart from these questions, also make sure whether the number of users of your business. If these are your requirements, then implementing the cloud technology to your business is the right bet.


Jivaso develops and deploys cloud applications, designed to be future-proof, browser-agnostic and highly scalable. We prioritize mobile-first techniques with rich database functionality and inscrutable server-side programming to develop high-performance cloud applications, such as CRMs, ERPs, etc. Our cloud applications can be deployed in private, public and hybrid environments. Our cloud application solutions include Enterprise-Class App Solutions, Programming and Application Development, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services.

Virtual reality offers more than expected. You may associate it with gaming and entertainment aids in malls or movies. But, VR is being used in various industries, including retail, healthcare, marketing & advertising, film & entertainment, event & management, construction & real estate, art & design, automotive, sports, education, tourism, and so on.

VR technology is also used in staff training for professionals, working in different industries. At Jivaso, we deliver virtual reality services to every type of business irrespective of their industry.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality is at the forefront of technological change. Over the last decade, several new products have been designed, capturing the imagination of developers, creators, and businesses alike. They create digital environments that users can interact with. Experts expect virtual and augmented reality to become an $80 billion market by 2025. They are predicting even higher numbers for virtual reality in business.

As the growth rate continues and technologies become more affordable, more and more businesses will be investing in these as part of their digital strategies. To earn more about the growth of AR, VR, and MR, initiate contact with us.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an artificial environment or a computer-generated simulation created by computer technology. This artificial environment is presented in a way that it seems like a real environment. VR lets you watch game-winning shot as if you’re right there in the front row. It allows live-streaming video of your wedding in 3D so that everyone can be a part of it. However, wearing a VR-equipped headset is essential to enjoy virtual reality. Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is the language used to develop VR. As one of the leading. Jivaso uses VRML to create a series of images and specifies the types of interactions that are possible for developers.

Jivaso can help you protect against data losses or disastrous system outrage. For this, our professionals build community-based, inter-cloud or multi-cloud and distributed solutions. We are adept in constructing cloud storage platforms that live on the most renowned Iaas offerings – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform to name a few – combined with a blend of multiple hosts.


Moving workloads to the cloud depends on your business and cloud strategy. You may opt for slowly moving your complete IT environment or only one task. Many businesses choose to use a cloud platform for data recovery – both short term and long term. You can also move application-based workloads such as marketing automation, CRM, etc. In the technical term, consider these workloads when migrating to the cloud:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Services

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation created by computer technology. It lets users interact with the unreal 3D world by putting on a head-mounted display and some form of input tracking.

Popular VR technologies are Unity, Unreal Engine, A-Frame. Besides, HTC Vive and Oculus are the two devices to experience Virtual Reality for gaming audiences. GoPro’s Omni is another tool to capture, stitch, and publish VR content. Google Cardboard and Google Daydream are the two cheap options. While Google Daydream is a high-resolution, and faster version of Cardboard, it’s available on selected phones only.

At Jivaso, we offer encrypted cloud-based data storage solutions. We make sure to meet the industry compliance and regulation development using office 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Azure. Besides, we also meet many other security parameters by ensuring your data is secure and stored in case of an attack or disastrous situation. We make sure encryption, identity management, and physical security. Jivaso’s experts also prevent downtime by using redundant hardware, backup generators, and other measures.

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