360 Digital Marketing Services for a Liquor Company

360 Digital Marketing Services for a Liquor Company

A Revolutionizing Digital marketing solution that drills down the obstructions of omni-channel competence to blooming capital and wider business outreach.


Project Scope

We were working with a prevalent Liquor company known for its best liquor product production and distribution. Despite the prosperous business, they faced limitations in marketing and promoting its brand & product although implemented multiple promotional activities. 

The result of our brainstorming sitting with the company reported the lack of digital promotions and marketing campaigns in the B2C segment, no centralized web interface, and content management system (CMS) that hardly pushed-back the recent announcements and offers to reach a wider audience instantaneously.

The significant privation was the low visit traffic of the site due to ineffective Search Engines Optimization (SEO) strategy i.e. less visibility of the product and its ranking in Google search engine. This restricted their brand and product to get hold of limited customer crowd rather than a global feat.

Solution Highlights

Prominent Sales. Pre-eminent Impression. Prudence Digital Transformation.

A centralized dashboard with a sophisticated user interface to manage all the marketing and omni-channel promotions including on-the-fly content update, real-time performance of campaign insights, harnessing public relationships with wider consumers circle through social networks with instant push notifications. The facilitation to track and coordinate the promotional strategies based on the analytics of the data from previous marketing events.

Local consumer engagement, in-event, in-store product promotion through innovative and elegantly designed flyers, banners, postcards, product catalogs that fabricates a strong impression of the brand and product among consumers with no concede in style and intent. The special integration of instant product information via on-the-fly scanning of the digital codes embossed on the cards.

The site visit hike made promising through a well-crafted off-stage promotional and SEO strategy including continuous blog, articles, posts in social networks, infographics publications.

Business Value Delivered

The well-architected marketing design and solution paved to guaranteed customer engagement with the product, enhanced visibility of the site, and hike of visit ranking in the google search engine resulted in value-added to the capital of the brand.

The centralized marketing design and instant performance report generation, control of all promotional campaigns under a single dashboard empowered the associates to track and drive the customer to experience the potential of the product via digital transformation and viable consumer-product engagement.

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