PMP For Immigration Consultants

PMP For Immigration Consultants

A Dynamic cloud-integrated workflow specially designed for Immigration consultants to manage all the requisites to ease the Business process, help converge more on revenue generation.


Project Scope

One of our reputed client in Immigration consulting domain was facing a problem in manual handling of the process including managing, coordinating with the business practices, enriched customer relationship, periodical assessment of internal and external policies and foreign lawsuits, documentation management, evaluation of security and privacy related to each client depending on the various destination country, at present.

This makes the process hectic and slows down the focus on revenue generation and more deliberation towards the course of action. This proves the requirement of streamlined automated dashboard assistance for practice management

Solution Highlights

Our customized practice management leveraged the productivity and efficiency of each associate, increasing the engagement with clients, and reducing the efforts on documentation and manual works. This transition to the cloud and paperless reduced the management cost and fatal human errors.

On-the-fly access to the resources, agility to strategize instantly, real-time legal compliance assessment, automated and intuitive scheduling with clients, customer intent forecasting, are most domineering features that helped our client to be ahead of the existing competition to attract and reach wide target audiences.

Business Value Delivered

Our product created a great impact not just in customer engagement for our client but also helped the public relation and management team to deal with legal assessment and compliance for each client’s destination country in real-time through our intelligent practice management platform for our client.

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